Alexie Barnaby suggests: Sonic Syndicate's Eden Fire

Hello everybody.
The following post is just a translation of this one I wrote for my Italian blog.
Eden Fire is the very first album for the Sjunnesson company&co. under the name of Sonic Syndicate .
I knew the most of the songs listed on the tracklist, but I was pretty surprised when I came across the songs Misanthropic Coil and Prelude to extinction.
Here are the two songs, enjoy them =)
Ok, now I'll list down all the tracklist giving each track a vote signed with the symbol "*"
[It's taken from my i-Tunes playlist]

1)Jailbreak ****
2)Enhance my nightmare ****
3)History repeats itself ****

4)Zion Must Fall ***
5)Misanthropic coil *****
6)Lament of innocence ***
7)Prelude to extinction*****

8)Soulstone splinter ***
9)Crowned in despair***
10)Where the black lotus grows**

The reason why I separated the tracks in this way is that in the backlist they are organizated in three small chapters.
I) Helix Reign-Chronicles of a Broken Covenant
II)Extinction-A Sinwar Quadrilogy
III)Black Lotus-The Shadow Flora
In the first two chapters we find some old demos(recorded as The Fallen Angels), while in the last one find three new (at that time) demos.
Each song in the different chapter is similar either for music and for theme.
I recommend this album to all metalcore lovers.

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