Thanky you to all my FF readers!

Well, I know I could sound a little silly with this, but I really wanted to thank all the people who happen to read and enjoy my works on fanfiction.net
Really guys, whenever I read an e-mail with a review, alert or favorite, I'm all jumpy.
I've always liked writing, but whatever I did I kept it for myself, because I thought those stories would have sucked. But really, hearing that you like what I write is great to me.
I know the numbers here are not so many, but really it's enough to me. I'm happy that some of you liked also my creepiest stories (...cough..Demons...cough..Eroe...)
Well, I'm not the one who deletes the stories because I don't get reviews or stuff like that, actually if I like them, I keep them on, no matter what.
I deleted some before because I thought they were something like disgusting.
Taking advantage of this post, I'm sorry for all the ones who have Broken and Fixed on their alert list, I know I've been posting chapters almost daily, but right now I'm stuck and can't think how to continue it, I'm sorry I don't know how much long it will take.
Actually I wrote it two times and deleted them to the bone. My problem is that when I work out of one-shots , I think at the beginning of the story and at some events in the middle, not giving a shit about the links and the ending, I always say to myself "Something will come up sooner or later" it usually happens, even if not as often as I hoped. Please forgive me.
Bittis read my story and he's unconsciously giving me advices by pointing me out some obscure spots and telling me what he hoped t read. Some of his hints gave me the idea for the scenes not involving Silver and Roark, but the problem is that, for how I ended the seventh chapter I can't just bypass them, I need to begin with them, otherwise, it'd make no sense.
I hope I would be done with it soon, and let me say that I haven't the least idea on how long it will take -.-
Thank you for supporting me and my stories anyway! ^^

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