The trash is back

Lately I'm pretty involved in what could be called "Garbage" of any kind really.
first of all there's the insane habit to sing this idiot promotional song everywhere

other things I fpound really addicted to are shitty programs broadcast on Real Time like "Embarassing illness"  no, seriously, half pf the men there have problems with the penis (the one accusing of having one like a horsehoe was the best!). what i can't understand about this, are the confessions of the ill people, everyona saying thing like "I am ashamed of myself and I don't even get naked in front of my husband" yet you display you problem to the whole world nice
Another thing, is Paint your life.  I don't know if there's one in other nations, but here this woman: 
the program is one of the several about "how to change apparently useless things into something more useful or nicer" her line is basically this, she chose a room to furnish and starts by decorating the wall, then creates all the furnishing and the other decorations. The problem is that most of the time she creates things that really could make your eyes bleed.
Another must on this channel is the one called Ma come ti vesti (= What are you wearing?) where this two "people" go catching poor girls(mostly) that dress in a rather normal way to insult over her style and, after giving her a 1500 € credit card,  they send the poor victim to shopping, just for the sadistic pleasure of insulting the beast over what colour the leggins should be or on ehat's the best accessory to wear. As you can imagine, the damned result has effects pretty similar to the one indicated above. What do you expect from one wearing that jacket?
(Not to be a prick, but what the hell is hse wearing, is she an easter egg perhaps?) Another must of the great Real Time is Kitchen Nightmare I will never understand how restaurants with thousand of euros/dollars can survive before the angelic cursing chef comes to rescue them
And  the last, here's the one and only Cake/Kitchen boss. Now, he makes me crack because he keeps repeating "Isn't it marvellous?" "Isn't it fantastic?"; BUT he pretends he cooks Italian food recipes....don't believe him! he puts tons of butter, and the more the cooking is fat the more he pretends it is delicious: ok, it might be, but it's not an Italian style at all. I can say that. My grandma would spit him in the eye(not to mention when he mixed fish and bacon... -.-) And those cakes, with colours so artificial, please! they are wonderful to see, but I'd avoid eating them.

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