Congratulation, your mind is fucked!

So, sorry to overload my blog with posts today, but I really have to report and say my opinion on something just happened to a dear friend of mine.
Beginning to say that she's a respectable girl and everything, she studies, she's looking for a job, and travels all around Italy, thing I've never done, for how much I would like to.
She has no problem in telling things directly to your face because sincerity is one of her virtues.
Well, on Facebook she posted a status like "At the gym". Now, It's clear that several people don't give a fuck about it, and if you don't, scrolling down the status is enough. If I had to insult everyone on my Facebook that posts status I don't care about, I'd be one of the most hated girl on the web.
By the way, another girl,(who my friend knew just by face, they went to school together and shared very few, and never fought) wrote under her state something like the following sentence:
You're not famous, you're an asshole, find a boy, have sex, I don't give a fuck if you go to the gym.
Let's analyze the sentence  word by word.

  1. You're not famous = So you're not free to write anything on Facebook? Please! If you don't want to receive news from this person, just delete him/her from your friends. Block her. Facebook gives you lots of possibilities.
  2. You're an asshole = Since when you can define a person you barely know an asshole? 
  3. Find a boy, have sex = Obviously these things concerns you. Don't you understand a person could be happy in many other ways? And what the heck do you know? A person may go to the gym and have all the sex he/she wants afterwards. 
  4. I don't give a fuck if you go to the gym = So, let me understand, you don't give a fuck about her sport activity yet, if she has sex and has a boy is your business. Or you care about someone or you don't.
That was my modest opinion, hope I made my point clear. 
If you don't like what other people post on your social network dashboard, delete the person in object and don't annoy the hell out of them ;)

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