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Hello to all my readers!
So, Today I put myself here and gave all the pokèmon headcanons post a better order, I just have to update Riley's a little bit and still have to fill in Byron and Silver.
Whatever, as lessons just started and this second year seems to take me far more time than the first one, I think I'll not update so often, not here, neither my Fanfiction.net
Speaking of which, I'm working on Broken and Fixed 10th chapter, I know, I promised the fic would be finished before Halloween, but really, I did my counts wrong. At least I'm working on it.
I'm also preparing the Halloween and Christmas special fics. The Halloween one is almost done, just a story is left, while for the other, I planned several fisctions, and I write just half of them, but I still have time. I am determined this time!

Well, I'm doing the 100 themes challenge for Wallace and Volkner, and I queued the drabbles on Tumblr.
When they're over, I'll publish the whole on FanFiction.net
I'm also planning a One-shot for Hetalia, involving Denmark and the Netherlands. Just love that pairing too mcuh!
There are few ideas for non pairing fiction involving Falkner, Riley and Will in my mind as well, but they're just butterflies in my head, besides I need to concentrate more on the study now. I usually write something down on my notebook before going to sleep and copy it on the laptop later..later, later.
Did you know....well, I just speak Italian and English(Well, "speak" is a huge word actually, and you can notice it by the way I write I actually suck at it), a Professor last week gave us the list of suggested books, it turned out that the better one was in French. I guess I need to start learning French if I want to pass this exam...
Yesterday I went to a convention for food technologies, and I think I ate the desks as well.

There was a meat producer that made us taste two different kinds of  breaded cutlet, one with aromatic herbs and another with a mix of spinaches and something else I can't remember at the moment. They told us they created a gluten free line for processed meat (meatballs, cutlets, wirstels...every product that usually contains ingredients with gluten such as bread).
Then there was another one that showed us something he called "The revolution of ready to eat food" (Revolution in Italy, because I remember to have seen this stuff in England two years ago). Something like pasta that went into the microwave with all the packaging and was ready in five minutes.
I also discovered that deep-frozen spinaches aren't all the same. I mean, for the shape they have, they're the result of an historical evolution:
The Spinaches cubes, were invented to guarantee the consumer to use just small quantities in facility, as before there was just a only whole piece of something like 500g of leaves that was hard to portion.
The problem of this cubes is that the property of the vegetable are damaged(color, taste..), so they produced them in flakes, and later in laminas so that the product was more similar to the fresh one.
We ate ice cream freezed with liquid nitrogen, ate apple that was dried and flavored with mint essence, and tried oil as well.
Well, for today I finished my ideas and my will to write, Besides I still have to start studying a little, see you the next post!

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