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Good morning everyone!
Today's post would be the sad/funny story of a friend of mine.
This guy works for a company, now he's employed at a riding school as..I don't know how to explain it...he cleans the boxes, feed the horses and stuff like that. Every time we talk on the phone he's always complaining because he doesn't have much time to spend at home and play with his PS2.
A month ago, as he told me, he was going down the stairs, with shoe laces untied, he stumbled and fell over, damaging his ankle, yet not breaking it, and the doctor told him he couldn't work for something like three weeks to avoid damaging the ankle further.
Oh my....what a pain in the ass, he called me twice a day and kept me on the telephone for hours because he was bored.....where was his PS2?
Anyway, some weeks later he called me and said that he accidentally slipped on the wet floor while going out for a visit and actually broke his ankle for good....if the thing sounds stupid enough like this, now listen at what I found out when I came back home for holidays: the idiot slipped and broke his ankle because he was going to water the plants....WHILE IT WAS RAINING!
Yes, I have a bunch of idiot friends...

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