When money count more than quality

Well, good afternoon everyone,
tonight I'm spitting a little bit of acid. I'm not usually like this, but I seriously need to.
The peculiar case is about the press. Books.

Well, today I was all alone and since exams are over and lessons haven't started yet, I decided to make a good walk outside (Even though it was raining even cats and dogs).
I went to the book store to check some news.
When I go into such places, the first shelves that I check are the ones with Crime and Languages.
Today I was inside and it was still raining too much to even put a foot outside and as this book store was huge, I decided to expand my horizons and scan a little deeper.
Now, a section I did never look at, is the one concerning the practical guides to make-up, fashion and stuff like that. Well, to my huge surprise I noticed that the number of copies concerning this field (Especially the make up section) was increased either in quantity and in quality.
My jaw literally dropped when I saw the price of one of these 17,00€ (22,04$ or 13,65£), a book containing mainly make-up advices that even my grandmother could tell me. And all these books were written by You Tubers of which just few are professional make-up artists.
I'm not saying that you must be a professional make-up artist to write a good book with make up tips, but that the book of the professional one costs something like 6€ less is something incredibly silly.
Anyway, there was a general spreading of this make-up mania, especially in Italy lately, and as the cosmetic market found a way to make money over it, even the editors found a way to do so.
What makes me upset is that some of these people for putting to drops of foundation on their faces are offered more opportunities to publish a book rather than one who has written something that is considerably far more qualitative.
That's how creativity goes dying...obviously if I was a writer who had to publish something and found myself in front of such a thing, I would have given up the idea of publishing and making a job out of my passion at once.
I'm not talking about me, because for me writing is just something to relieve the stress, to express myself. And, apart that with fanfictions, clearly speaking, you can't pretend to aim so high. I've written also original pieces, but they're not so read....whatever.
As I said several times, It makes me so happy when in my e-mail there's an alert of someone adding a story to his/her favorites or reviewing my work.
And the main reason why I'm against publishing in this situation is just a paranoia. But I'm sure that once thy make you a contract your creativity needs to adapt to market's needs. And this is not how writing, music, painting and art in general should work.
What makes an artist is not how much he/she sells, is how well he can express himself, then he could be liked or not.
Art means expressing yourself.
Producing something on large scale to make money is something the businessman does with tuna cans, not what a writer does with his book.

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