Probably it will be a while....

Hello guys...something terrible happened to my laptop and I had to made two hours of train back home just to fix it.
As I have to live and go back to Cesena tomorrow (University issues..), I don't know when I'm having my laptop back, so be patient, I'd not be posting anything here and on FF.Net. Luckily I have saved some drabbles from the 100 themes challenge on my little scrap-book, and luckily I updated Broken and Fixed before it was too late.
Just that, as you know I was preparing some stories for Halloween and Christmas, and I typed them all, now I'll be forced to re-type them again.
I am an idiot, my laptop was giving me sings and I just ignored it...I was just a terrible person, I think I got what I deserved, also because I don't use my USB pen so often.
I'm sure my little alter ego is insulting me....
I hope to be able to update it soon!
Damn me again...
(My brother's PC sucks -.-)

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