A shot in the head...

I've finally made up my mind and decided to cosplay as Karen.
I had some time left and decided to go and print the scheme to sew my Umbreon doll.
I put the drawing on a USB pen and, as I don't have a printer in this home, I needed to make someone print it for me, that's why photocopy shops were invented for.
I went out, deciding to take a look in the comic shop as well, hoping that the damned editor finally decided to print Hetalia 4 down. LIKE HELL HE DID! IT'S BEEN F-I-V-E, AND REPEAT: F-I-V-E MOTHERFUCKING MONTHS!
I was already nervous, but in the copy shop, I think I almost reached the cherry on top: she put my USB pen in 4 different USB doors, and none of them was working. Well, I think that's because the lady there didn't want to get her hands dirty: usually when a device doesn't open in autoplay, you go and check on the sources to see if it's actually not working; and mine works like this, it's useless you change the usb door four times, but every time you don't check the sources. She said all sorry and stuff "I'm sorry there's a problem with your pen, I tried four different doors and it's not working"
I wanted to shout at her "Why don't you learn how to use a computer instead?" but I decided to go away before I could murder anyone.
It was pretty late, I walked to the other one that is the opposite part of town and was....closed! Fantastic.
Tomorrow I'm gonna go and look for the wig, hoping there's what I need around or I'll grow quite furious...

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