Let's walk through Naples

Or, at least...let's see a little part of it.
Before I left to visit this wonderful city, I made my good plan:
  1. Having breakfast with hazelnut coffee and a sfogliatella (I don't think this could be translated)
  2. Visit the nether Naples
  3. Move to Pompei and eat a good pizza at my favorite restaurant
  4. Go and visit the "Red lights" zone of the ruins
  5. Go back to Naples and then head home
And do you want to know how many of this I succeeded to see? NOT A SINGLE ONE. 
Yes, we just did a quick sightseeing of the city (which I didn't mind to...), eat a quick pizza and then went back home. 
I need to go there once again this summer, that's a promise! 

Well, I have to admit that every time you visit Naples, you are fascinated by how most (mind that, not all) behave. I know, Naples hasn't a good fame all over the world, but for me this is unfair. I've been to other big cities here like Rome, Bologna and Milan, and trust me, they're as dangerous as Naples could be (if not worse). But I think this is just a common problem of big cities, you need to know where to go, there are dangerous zones as well as good places, but you always need to bring an alert with you when you walk around. 
Okay, as I was saying above, visiting Naples you might be surprised by how the people there behave. 
Every single time I go down there's always something new to notice and learn from them. 
This time, the things that took my attention were few: 
  1. An old woman (she might have been around 70 yo) walking through the streets, dancing to some traditional Italian music;
  2. People riding scooters with small trucks (the ones holding machinery to bake cotton candy); 
  3. Signs completely written in dialect. 
I visited the road were all the hand-made nativity-scene figures were exposed. 
There was everything, from the traditional figures from the ones of musician, politicians, actors and celebrities. 
There was one with Zidane headbutting Materazzi (Football World Championship 2006...I think)
The photos below are not by me, as it was forbidden to take photos. 

The price for these creations is something a regular employee could never afford, unless he decides to go on a sudden strict diet. 
We stopped eating in a restaurant near San Gregorio Armeno, and there, I had one of the funniest experience in my life. 
I was left without filter tips and I hadn't smoked a single cigarette from 3 a.m. in the morning. There was no tobacconist near there that I could see, so I needed to ask. I stopped a couple stretching my hand towards them to gather some attention 
"I'm sorry, may I ask you for.." 
the man interrupted me by showing a 50 cent coin into my hand and muttering something like "Alright, alright, I don't have more than this, just leave me in peace already" 
So, in the end, I stood in the middle of the street staring like a complete idiot. 
That was funny (How to blame him, considering how I was dressed, there's no surprise he exchanged me for some beggar or whatever). 
As usual I was lucky, when I got to Piazza del Plebiscito there was a chocolate expo...yummy!
Here are some photos...sorry for the bad quality, but my mobile is from the Flinstones age..

Pleae, don't feed the dog. It has a gastric disorder.

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