My bad..

As you may have noticed, I haven't respected my promise for 2012, in fact, I still have three fictions to finish.
And I'm working on one (maybe two) longer ones.
Besides, I still have to read and correct New Life and some other fictions, hoping to succeed it by the end of next year.
Actually, there are more fictions that I need to read and correct. It's not that I don't check it before publishing, it's just that I completely miss some stuff, and sometimes I miss it even reading the chapter back three times.
Like in the last chapter I published for A Merry PokèXmas, I wrote it on the paper, copied it on my PC, checked it again, and today, before publishing, I thought "Why don't I read it again?"
Thanks to Arceus I did it! There were some minor errors, of course, and there was a sentence that made laugh the hell out of me!

The sentence was Lucian was quickly reading a first aid book
And I wrote it Lucian was riding a first aid book
I mean...really? I figured out the scene for a second and started laughing like an idiot! 

I promise that today I will work on correcting some old material and work on the new one. 

That's a promise: look I have my hand on the heart!

Anyway, I'm a little stuck with Broken and Fixed (As if you didn't notice that) I've been thinking about it last night, and every time something comes up, there's something some other fact that contrasts with that part.
I'm sorry I'm taking time, but I don't want either to leave this story unfinished or rush it towards the end. Actually this is one of few fics of mine that I really love. And reducing it to crap, seems so dishonest to me.

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