Plan A....failed!

I don't know if I had ever mentioned that I live in an apartment built for students(as I am a student myself).
Some months ago, the couch broke down. We called the landlord to advise that we may need a new one and his answer was "The couch is new"
....my ass.
You can say it by just looking at the model, my grandma had a similar one at her home, and it was old in 1998...

Besides, the surface is full of scratches, and the wood used for supporting is completely ruined.

Not to talk about the abnormal amount of rusty nails knocked in the inside.
As to add fuel to our fire, when my room-mates moved the couch aside to have more space, they found a 5 lires coin DUG INSIDE THE STRUCTURE.
The coin is from 1979.
As soon as we noticed it was pretty old, we made plans on how to use the money we could earn by selling it. The conversation went more or less like this:
Guì: Look, this coin is from 1979. It must be worth something like...love, how much is the worth of the one you have at home?
Chicca: 1500€, but that's from 1952.
Guì: That's okay, it means that this one's worth is around 500€
Me: We can buy the new television with that!
Guì: We can make a home Theatre plant with those money!

So, today, I came back from University and Guì walked in the kitchen holding the coin up "I checked it's worth 1 €"
"Nice, we can always hire a busker for a day and play us Midsomer Murders OST"
Yes, there must be something odd in the water we drink

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