Some more drawings

These days I''ve been drawing a lot

First, I've drawn each of my flat mates with a pokèmon, obviously I tried to dress them like they were in a manga or something of the like. Actually those are just two of four. The other two are in my bedroom, and as my room mates are still sleeping, I think it's pretty rude to go and wake them up. Maybe I'll upload them some other time.
I chose Ralts for the picture on the top because my flat mate #1 tends to grow a bang over her eyes, just like Ralts' helmet.
In the second picture, I used Piplup because...well my flat-mate #2 it's literally obsessed with penguins!

Also have some Will/Lucian cominc I just drawn, I'll scan and post it in my Deviantart as soon as I'll be home.

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