The Creepy Masters Parade: I'm fashion and you don't know it

I'm keeping on with my travel through Unova Region meeting its weird inhabitants.
(Note: this post is ironical)
Today we move to that wonderful town called Castelia City.
Judging from the trousers...I'd guess he and Cress are flat-mates. People should learn to close the tap (Marlon's gym would dry up sooner or later). 

Burgh, what a wonderful character! He's so creative, you could feel his artistic aura crashing on inside you as soon as you get to Castelia City.
...No, I'm not talking about the painting smell... I wonder how much does he smokes per day.
Don't you try to defend him: One that stuffs his gym with a spider web must smoke even cement. That stuff sticks to your hair like hell.
I heard rumors about him working  for a cosmetic firm that produces shampoos and balsams for curly hair.
No, he's not the sponsor. The scientist are trying to track what the hell does he smoke to maintain such a beautiful hair.
The experts confirmed that his joints contains almost the same numbers and kinds of substances synthesized in the Virbank complex.
Maybe he also added new atoms to the already known ones. But Burgh can, because he's so fabulous.
That's the problem, this man is way too fabulous.
When people go to Unova and learn that there's a gorgeous top model as a gym leader, they often get disappointed learning that Burgh wasn't the one they heard about.
Really, what does Elesa have that Burgh misses?
....Well, maybe a vagina... if Burgh had a vagina, Elesa would have been selling candies and candy floss in Nimbasa with Wallace.
Have you looked at his belt? You need to be a style icon (and maybe a little retarded) to wear such a thing.
Actually, I think that the creators of Black and White were among the bravest person of the World to publish these characters. Maybe they just had a rotten luck with the success of the game. The Mew Mew were less pompous than Bourgh (Other sources whispers that he took part to the cast of Mermaid Melody for a second role but was kicked out because he'd put shadow on the other characters...poor thing).
In the next series of pokèmon I want him to some kind of a Sailor Moon. I'd see him cool with a Butterfree dress. Burgh needs more appreciation.

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