The Creepy Masters Parade: Man who whispered to the Metagross

(Note: this post is ironical)
Surely, in a section like this, I can't skip one of my favorite characters (and maybe one widely loved throughout the fandom):
Steven Stone
We all know he's an hero and Blah...Blah...blah.... well, I'm not interested in this stuff (today).
He's one of my favorite characters as well.
I love him because despite he's draw like a stick, he wears steel armcuffs. For me, his arms got stronger than Chuck's now.
Source needed
Not to mention the fact that he cuddles and snuggles with little creatures like Aron.

60kg each. I mean, no one can a hold pure rock and steel on top of their stomach like Steven the hero does. For the haters: stroking a rock covered in steel is a wonderful sensation: you should try it sometimes : try to go to sleep with a frying pan instead of your boy/girlfriend, you'll see it's better.  The frying pan doesn't snore.
He's the one who died controlling the Regis. Actually he was sick of being in the manga and decided for a quick and easy escape, there were no precious stones to gather anymore around Hoenn, thus he moved somewhere else.
Steven Stone is the classical rich man who evades taxes and when the financial police is tailing him, he just throws the fault on an innocent girl, vanishing for the nth time. There's the Villa in Sinnoh as a proof. don't try to prove me wrong.
Why do you think he left his Champion charge, because he was dead? O f course not. He knew that being in such a position would have take him to to the jail, sooner or later, and decided to get out before things became far too complicated.
A brain like his is no common thing. This guy runs a trade of jewels and gems that you can't even imagine. Do you really think he made all those money just with his father's firm? Actually the society was in bad waters, and he needed to repair to the loss with something. And he did it brilliantly, so much that he gained on the loss.
But there's no reason to be so mean towards this poor man. Actually, he loves his precious, glimmering stones, he really does.
Urban legends say he built a little wooden house for each one of them and sings them lullabies at night. He takes care of his pretty, shining, colored stones. And, for all the suitor he has at his back, stones are the firsts rival, because, you know, humans are warm, and show emotions. But they don't glimmer in a so fab way!

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