The Creepy Masters Parade: Oreo and the black market

Here I am again, babbling about randomness on pokèmon characters.
(Note: This article is ironical)
Some posts ago, I announced this "Project" and launched it, and now I'm just keeping up my job.
As promised, I'll continue my travel around the region of Unova to find some weird character to kid.

He's one of the hottest Gym Leaders in the whole pokèmon world. If he was designed earlier, now Wallace would have been selling candies and candy floss at Nimbasa City. 
His body is everything a fangirl can ever dream about(And he has no problem in displaying it).
If you think the body is the only reason he has to be a breathtaking guy, the answer is: NO!
That's okay, some abs could be enjoying, but the muscles doesn't make a true man out of you. What makes him a man worth to be married is the fact that he wears trousers in full summer.
I know it's a costume, but it's hot anyway. Judging from the material, they remind me of my rhythmic gymnastics leotards, the cheap ones that are made in PVC marked as silk. Two hours in one of that things, and you'd have the same effect of a Finnish sauna. You must be more than brave to wear such a thing in the hottest summer (Or with Humilau's weater anyway) without dying for dehydration!
Getting over the whole trousers subject, there's an element that makes him more than an ordinary Gym leader: the pokèballs in the net. He's an alternative one, isn't he? I mean, everyone could use bags, or keep pokèballs in their pockets, but a fishing net is more original.
I just wonder, does he catch his own pokèmon or does he fish pokeballs and then sells them? Maybe he owns some kind of a black market with Team Plasma members...here's why in the games his position is not well defined! Someone calls Looker this instant!
Okay...I freaked out...
Until know I babbled randomness about a stupid fishnet and a costume, but I haven't revealed the reason why I admire Marlon yet.
And it is his suntan. Yes guys you heard me!  It's what we call a "Builder suntan" (Basically when you spend much time under the sun wearing clothes, and then go to the sea and your body has the nice shape of your shirt on).
No boy like him has balls to display himself like that, but he does, he shows his oreo cookie skin with no shame.
If all the Unova girls scream and droll on him there must be a reason...or not?
Despite the appearance of a spoiled and pumped celebrity Marlon can't care less of his appearance: he fishes pokèballs and sells them unlawfully to people that it's using them for wicked purposes; he steals in Elesa's rubbish to sew his own plastic costume and goes around with the skin that looks like a Ringo cookie with no shame.
Not to mention that Wallace envies him to the bone.
By the way, how the hell does he manage to keep his feet white? He wears flip-flops and yet, he can't get them tanned. Maybe he sits the whole day with his feet under the water....or he secretly wears shoes.
He's a friggin' rebel anyway.

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