The Creepy Masters Parade: Punky kids go to work

I thought about it for a while and decided I would have done it. Some posts focused on the funny side of pokèmon characters.
(Note: All the posts are ironical)
I decided to start this series with pokèmon black and white characters, in my opinion they're the most weird looking :D
Chili, Cilan, Cress. 
They somehow recalled me at my first days at work. (Basically a 16 years old high school girl behind a counter). The uniforms aren't bad, if it wasn't for that apron that reminds of the ones my grandma uses every day.
Not to mention the hair. They look like three punk kids that work to buy tickets for concerts (Especially Chili). Those are the classical guys that do their job pretty well, but, as soon as their shift is over, they get drunk to the bone at some random Virbank City party (Hosted by someone we know very well xD) Another thing that I found funny: We all know Cress is a water type leader, and the hair color(or the way they're groomed to look like a shell) is not the only way anyone could get it (Before battling him of course): I don't know if what I'm going to write is something widespread but here, when somebody wears trousers that are above the ankles, we joke and say "Did your home get flooded? Because it seems like you didn't want your trousers to get wet". That's how I could identify him as a water type master. Maybe his Panpour loves to create floods in his room. (thatsnofunnyatall)
Are we really talking about hairstyles? For me the best one is Cilan.
That kind of hawk he has on the front, it's clearly a creative way to hide a fringe. Maybe it got too long and he doesn't feel like to cut it. In the same time,the shorter front hair can't stay down with the others, so he attempted to create some kind of a new style...failing miserably.
How would he look with spikes on his head? I'm left wondering .
At least he buys trousers of his size unlike Cress...
Chili, instead, looks like an Energy drink junkie. You know, you know one that drinks about five cans of energy drink every hour and then it's unbearable because he goes jumping around, breaks stuff (Not caring to pay for it later) and pisses the hell out of his brothers later (Actually, he could be connected to Flint ?_?). He had "Hyperactive" written on his face, for me, even the hair are a result of his massive energy drink assumption, they're so excited that they're naturally aroused (This sounds ambiguous though...lol).
For me they spend more money than they gain in key money for Chili.

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