The Creepy Masters Parade: Traveller Wake wants to battle

(Note: This post is ironical)
I decided to take a little break from Unova characters and describe one of the funniest Gym Leader in Sinnoh.
Crasher Wake

It's not like he needs any introduction. 

This kind of chubby Juan calls himself a wrestler, created a wave machine inside his gym (Maybe Cress and Burgh bought a prototype of that... that's interesting).
No one could explain how he's found anywhere but in his gym.
Being either a Gym Leader and a wrestling champions gives him his dirty money, he spends them whole in traveling around like in Johto and Unova; screaming his name out on a cliff....and giving kids cute masks he probably stole to some opponent's son.
He doesn't like having around Marlon very much. Actually, he doesn't like him at all. The reason? Well the Humilau Gym leader could go around bare chest without crashing anything with a Snorlax belly. (There must be a reason why they call him Crasher).
I ask myself how he managed to survive such a long career in wrestling without smashing a single eye with that pointy mask (that looks like more a broken helmet than a mask) by the way, is the beard part of the accessory? Or is it just my own Impression? Nah...it must be the Mask.
I was just wondering, apart of Marlon and Misty, are there any water masters that really look like one?
A wrestler, two gents and a waiter. You must buy smoking stuff from Burgh if you see the water type in them.

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