Where's the plot?

In the last post I mentioned something about a game called Monster Slider.
Monster Slider is a kind of a puzzle game, with some differences between the classical ones.
It's basically in vs. mode and you can only challenge another one (it's 1 or 2 players: player/player; player/cpu).

The opponent is defeated either when he/she reaches the top with the whole brick walls, or when the candle on his side counts to "0".

There are different characters with different spells, and in the, what I suppose I can call "Adventure mode" there's the choice among three main characters, that could be considered some kinds of monster haunters, in fact they wear cross everywhere, not to mention the fact that they are the only one human-featured in the game, the others are all half human, or something a little undefined (Except for Crobia, who's human. Kirian, the witch, is kind of a chameleon which does the exact moves of her opponent turning into them).
Each character has his own spell with similar effects (ex. Patolisia and Carrot: the first turns the bricks into stone, and the player needs to make three bricks closer explode before being able of using it again. Carrot, freezes them but the result is similar).
Being the game in Japanese, I couldn't understand which plot the whole game follows. It should be quite interesting. Surely it leaves a lot to my imagination. I could wonder how the whole haunting happened and stuff.
I think that thanks to the characters design, turned into an anime it would gather a good success.
It's a little shame I can't find enough screenshots(I'll try to make some), I'd need them to show the characters a little.
The game is not too popular, but, according to me, it could become if it has a plot or something.
I mean, there's a lot of material to work on a likable story.
Starting from the heroes. In our case there are three: Niina, the super sexy young blonde girls, and monster slayer; Rill, his male counterpart, the cool guy with the sword and Dofesky, a kind of a very old priest that has a stick with a cross on top (yep. Just like the pope), and he's needed, because there's always the funny one to be around.
Not to mention that there's even the cute little pet (That recalls the ones in Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokio Mew Mew...)!
The evil characters, as I mentioned before have all different peculiarities.
I could see Crobia as some kind of an evil queen, or witch who has several monsters at her will and uses them to patronize a land (Nothing more classical than this, but anyway....).
Just think about the battles: for example, took Patolisia, can you imagine a challenge against a sanke-woman who turns in stone whatever she wants?
There could be even the silly stalking event: in the game there's a point when you're against Cnasarin(Did I spell the name right?), who's a skelton that must have been a pretty lady once. And If you chose Rill as your first character, she says something in which her eyes take the shape of a heart; even though I don't understand Japanese, it's clear to me that the lovely skeleton is flirting with a disgusted Rill. This could be an element in which, after being defeated by someone else, Cnasarin goes and stalks the main characters (one in particular), hoping to get some, and always ending ignored.
There's also Muscles. The rock golem who says something to Niina when you get to defeat him, I can't get what they're saying, there's no peculiar sign or hint of emotions, apart from Niina's silly faces.
It's quite a bunch of material to work on, if someone really wants to take a story out of this game.
I think I can do this sometimes....

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