KnB fanvideos.

I've often posted Fic and Doujin recs.
I think fanvideos need a post as well, especially if they're heavenly done.

Those are just two from Kuroko no Basuke. I think I'll made some more posts in the future, for now here's what you get.
BTW, both my two main OTPs are featured in the videos (KagaKise and AkaFuri).

火eat-day기념 빨간머리그놈
(I just copied the title of the YT video, I don't know what's written on, if anyone does, please tell me)
This is based on Teen Top's video Right Girl, but here the right girl is Kagami.
(The cap on KagaKise... EXTREME FANGIRL MODE ON).
I find this amazing and funny. (Especially Midorima and Akashi. I mean, come on guys, it's hilarious! :D )

By the way, if you want, check the original video by Teen Top here.
I'm thankful to the maker of this video because he/she let me know about Teen Top as well...

(See the note before...)

This is an AkaFuri one. Actually, more than a fanvideo, this is a comic with music background. However, as it has no speech and it's quite well detailed, I could consider it like that.
I love this pairing so far (Actually AkaFuri and KagaKise are the ones I could consider my main OTPs in the KnB series).
I don't know whose background song is. What I liked about this video the most is that it represents my ideal line for an AkaFuri romance story.

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