Toxicroak...I think we could be good friends!

I was just lazying off.
As I need to make up teams to pursuit the aims in pokèmon Black II, I decided to take some of the pokèmon forgotten in my box and level them up. It basically was a test to decide whether or not I'd put them into my team.
I choose randomly and, in the end, my team looked like this:
  1. Alomomola
  2. Mineshao
  3. Toxicroak
  4. Octillery
  5. Mandibuzz
  6. Wigglytuff 

Okay, let's just skip the faxt that Octillery, a water type one, knows either Hydro Pump, Fire Bomb and Bullet seed....(and that Yanmega, despite being a Flying type can't learn fly....). 
I was pretty disappointed at the beginning with this team, mostly with Mandibuzz, Octillery and Alomomola, because thy are fucking slow. I hate slow pokèmon. 
But I think I will use Alomomola for the double battles at the PWT due to its team-protecting attacks. 
...as always I'm getting out of the main point.
Among all these pokèmon there's a peculiar one: Toxicroak.
Honestly, after playing Platinum for three times and Pearl another two, I had my balls filled with him (Gosh, do I even make sense?)
What I'm trying to say is that I was so tired of seeing this pokèmon owned by every single villain that I didn't think I could ever be able to train one.
Well, then, I was wrong.
What made me change my mind completely was the fact that this son of a bitch at level 57 defeated a motherfucking Chansey that was at level 64 with a single Poison Jab.
"Just bad luck" I thought at the beginning, just then, I noticed that history repeated itself in all the Nimbasa City challenges. Maybe it wasn't just bad luck then.  
 It still need to be perfected, but I think it'll be one of Drapion's team mates in my conquest for the prize "Defeat the league using only poison type pokèmon" 
If this is what really poison is about, I'm trying my hardest to become a second Janine. 
Here are the statistics of my Toxicroak at level 60. It still needs lots of train, but he'd be perfect. 
Obviously I'm taking it away from Caitlin. 

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