Yet another addiction..

Okay, this is getting serious. If I don't quit surfing the internet, I think my wallet would die sooner or later.
Why? I'll explain you.

Everything started last year.
Actually, I've been out of the whole Japanese world stuff for a while (since my first year of middle school). Leaving the reason for this to another (amazing) post, ket me tell you my brief story.
My ex-Flat-mate one night decided to put on some openings from the cartoons we used to watch when we were kids. I don't know how we finished from Lupo Alberto to Saint Seya. And basically I saw a related video with the Gundam Wing opening. Little did I know what that single click would have lead to.

Right after I listened to the Opening, I felt a sudden will to watch the anime once again, and I became addicted again.
It didn't take too long when I started following some Gundam Wing tumblr blogs.
At the same time, I became truly interested in the Pokèmon Adventures Manga series. (So my Tumblr followings were must based on Gundam Wing and Pokèmon). I thought they were just an exception to the likes I've come to develop during the years, maybe something left from my days at elementary and middle school days. That I'd never read a manga anymore.
Nothing's more wrong than this. As many of you would know, often when you are into a fandom of something and add people who share your same interests; you may come across other mangas they like. You can always ignore them, but, if sometimes it happens to you that you are just a little curious about something, there's a high risk you will end liking it as well
That's exactly what happened with Hetalia. I think I first read this name while reading a Pokèmon Fanfiction. On the Author's profile, there was mentioned how much he/she loved Hetalia.
I just frowned at the name, and didn't get it deeper, but then, I found some of my Tumblr following reblogging Heta stuff.
That was the poknt when I really got curios and went to look for informations. I gave a look to the plot on the net and some official/unofficial art. All I could say was "Why did I even look for it in the first place? This stuff must be boring as hell", and I practically forgot about it.

Then, one day, I was enjoying a walk with my roomie. We stopped in front of the comics store in the town where I study, and there was Hetalia displayed in the shop window. I shook my head, as the little voice inside of my head whispered "Buy it". 
Actually, put out like this it seems nothing but the thought of that damned book literally haunted me at night. At the end, I bought it. 

And, as you know, now I'm addicted.
The funniest thing is that I bought it almost completely ignoring how the whole thing would look like. I mean, apart from that quick reading on Wikipedia, and some images, I haven't figured the whole Nations Personifications at all, until I red the manga.
I thought that with Hetalia, I reached my limit of Japanese stuff in my archive.
That was until, on tumblr I found an image...
Here comes a little confession: I was still new to the whole fandom/fangirling/fanfiction/fanwhateverthehellyouwant, I read about Yaoi, but as my motherfucking damned usual, I just looked up for the definition, and (mysteriously) deduced that was a therm only used for fanfictions and fanarts.
(I know I'm a complete dumb, please FORGIVE ME, FORGIVE ME, FORGIVE ME, FORGIVE ME!).
Obviously, curiosity had the best over me, and I looked for informations at once.
I'll never finish to thank the labels' inventor for making it possible for me to know Sekai ichi Hatsukoi.
I began reading the manga, but after the third volume, and I was like "Holy hell. All they do is making out, and they don't even know each other! This is silly".
That's my problem, I'm a hot head.
I don't know how I managed to find an episode from the anime, but right after I watched it, I slapped myself for being such an idiot. Despite my first impressions, I loved the whole plot, and it became one of my favorite series.
And my, now familiar saying "I'm not obsessed."was really starting to be meaningless.
In fact, as you all know, Before Sekai ichi Hatsukoi, there was another series, called Junjou Romantica. I think I first watched an episode by mistake and then, well, I kept on watching.

If there were unlikely situations in Sekai-koi, Junjou Romantica was even worst.(Like Hiroki and Nowaki: Hiro is complaining like a little children alone on a bench, the other almost hits him with a toy rocket, and without even asking for his name, pulls the boy along with him, and even get his keys, letting himself in whenever he wants. The other doesen't even change the tap xD)  But, who cares, is this peculiar characteristic that I like more in these stories!
With Junjou Romantica my Japenese Anime-Time Rush (Partial cit. ) apparently faded away; surely I bought some The Slayers books, but it was just a continuation of what I followed back when I was in middle school.(Similar speech that I made for Gundam Wing). I also tried to read Gundam Ecole du Ciel...but...I'm honest: I'm not keeping on. It's not my thing. (I already talked about this one some months ago. Thus there's no need to repeat it).
I thought the spell was over when, right before Christmas holidays, I read an article about After school Nightmare. 
I thought it was interesting, but actually, I had never gone out looking for that specific book.
It was some days after Christmas when I went to visit the Comic Store near my town.
There was a huge comics store and I never went (IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT). 

There I found After School Nightmare and bought one, just to try if it was worth reading.
It gave me a very good impression, so, as soon as I went back to the town where I'm studying, I literally emptied the shelves. (Luckily there are only ten), I read them all in a day.
Unluckily, I still miss #1,8,9. thus I can't finish it.
I hope to fix it for the next week. I can't stand the fact of leaving in the middle a story that I really like.
Even though I took my time to understand what Mnashiro actually was.
It took me a month, but in the end I did it.
Better late than never.
Actually, if he wasn't for him/her saying it out loud, I'm positive, I'd lived the rest of my life filled with the doubt. Sometimes this shit happens.
Even the one mentioned above, wasn't the last of my "New finds". Yes, the last series that literally made me fell, took my complete interest, not more than a week ago.
I've been seeing some images posted on my Tumblr wall, but I had never actually paid attention to it. Because I'm not a great fan of sports anime. (Thinking that I was a rhythmic gymnast, and I didn't particularly like Hikari No Detsu). I'm talking about Kuroko no Basuke.
The way I came across with one of the main characters, Aomine Daiki, was because of a post comparing him to Marlon. But, really, I had no interest in that at all.

And maybe I would have never given it a shot; if just I wasn't being lazy that one time, and instead of preparing food I was surfing random around Tumblr....well, now, what it's done, it's done.
I started looking for the manga, trying to see who's the Italian editor, and I came to the bitter realization that just two volumes are already out here. (And seeing what is happening with Hetalia, I have a pretty bad feeling about it....). In the end, I decided to see the anime first. 25 episodes for the first season, and the second is about to be released, I watched the whole of them yesterday night...I just...couldn't stop myself.. I love it! I was pretty surprised, I've never get so addicted with a Sports anime. And now I look forward for the second season to come out...damn it!
I predict a huge amount of money being spent in manga this year...
 Source of the pokèball banner here

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