Crappy crap is my specialty

I don't know if I have already mentioned it.... but half of my playlist is full of crappy stuff just like the following one:
The guy that appears in the screenshot is an Italian youtuber. (And a little retarded one). His videos mainly consist in whines against women and people who watch his videos without paying.
Now this person is completely disappeared from the scenes. There are urban legends saying he's been arrested...I don't know actually.
I'll make a post on him someday.
By the way, I'm not here to talk about him, but the user who made this video, I discovered him by chance. His works mainly consist in remixing (in)famous you tube talents, turning their videos in what I call "Pure Parody Art".
This user's name is ChristianIce (I hope I spelled it right).
He made some English videos as well.
That's all folks! 

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