I'm back rushed post

Hello there. It's been a while.
As you know I've been really busy this month (And, actually, I still am).
I'm taking a slice of free time before lunch to write this post.
I can't remember when I published my last post but I guess it's quite a long ago.
I've just done the first exam of July, this being the main reason of my long absence. It wasn't brilliant, but in the end I got out with a 23, and I'm super happy about this.

By the way I still have three to go, so I don't know what will happen after this post.
Of course, study wasn't the only one thing that filled my time (Just the 90% -.-), but some events happened, and for a reason or another I didn't find time to write anything(Also because there wasn't too much to write).
First of all, I got a surprise party from my friends and roomies here. You know, in august I'll be studying abroad for six months, and most likely, I'd need to find a new house when I get back. Seen the strong bond we have to each other, they decided to to this little thing to me.
It was 6.30 pm when my room-mate came in saying "I have to pay the ticket to go back home, and then I need to buy a gift for my friend, will you follow me?" as I was fed up of reading about sugars percentage in tomatoes and wheat, I decided that distracting myself a little wouldn't be so bad, so we went out.
I think we went around the city for two hours? Then it started to rain and she said "Why don't we wait until it ends, I don't wanna get wet" it was odd, since at that time shops already closed, we did everything we went out for, and most of all, we were close to home. I didn't question though, since I know she might need to meet with someone else.
When I got back home, I found the other roomies there shouting me "Surprise", and the table filled with food.
They made me do some stupid games (Like an handmade crosswords game), and in the end, I got a box filled with all kinds of snacks!
My eyes were completely shimmering!
The box contained almost 30€ of different sweets and such! They made a card saying that I shouldn't eat them all in small time...I'm doing my best but it just doesn't work -.-
My belly is getting a little wider x)
I really appreaciated the thought, and when I opened the door I was left wordless, I didn't expect that in the first days of July.
Later, they made fun of me of how oblivious I was, since I was even shopping with them when they bought all the stuff for the dinner.
It's a little sad that I have to leave. But life is not always easy, besides those are people I can always count on. If the bonds are strong, doesn't matter the distance, friendship will stay.
This was unavoidable anyway, since the only reason we are all living here together is for the university, so it's unavoidable that we'll split up after the degree, but as said before, if bonds are strong, there's no distance that could ruin the friendship.

Outtake: I discovered that I've several traits in common with Murasakibara. First of all the height, actually, I'm taller than the middle Italian girls (186 cm). When I was younger it really bothered me, I couldn't wear girls shoes because, already at the first year of middle school, my size was a boy's one. And when I was a kid and played with others of my same ages, there were always people pointing out the fact that despite being older I behaved as a kid (They didn't know my age). Whenever we were out together, the looks of people towards me because I was taller really pissed me off.
I was still a kid back then, as soon as high school begun I forgot it completely (Also because, you know, boys develop later than girls, so by that time there were several people taller than me). Because of my height, as a kid, my relatives and friends wanted to push me to stuff I didn't like (Modeling was one of that, but I always refused to): one of that was volleyball. Now, it's not that I don't like the sport, but it's not among my favorites. I tried to play it for something like two years, but despite my size, I didn't put effort in it, and so I decided to leave soon.
At the moment, I just regret being so tall when I hit my head against something that isn't really a problem for other people.
Back to Murasakibara, I also happen to love sweets and snacks to no end (to the point that when I'm out of sweets for a while, I completely lose my head and have to buy them anyway).
Even for what concerns my behavior and his, we're pretty similar. It's funny because my friend once pointed that out, and now I have to admit he's right.

Better I stop blabbering about my height and snacks.

I watched the second season of Junjou Romantica.

It's nice, but I somewhat liked the first season better. I was expecting to see more from the Terrorist couple, but I was disappointed.
The art that made me laugh more was the one with Misaki being harassed by the Usami family.
My favorite ones are always Hiroki and Nowaki.
Hiroki always make me crack.
I have to admit to feel a little sympathetic towards the poor Nowaki.

Ok the "Review" was pretty crappy (I don't think I'm able to write reviews).

Along with Junjou Romantica (Which I watched in one night), I started playing Pokèmon Reborn.
As always, I discovered it casually, by a comment on you tube. In the beginning I was like "Maybe it's a crappy game done by someone who just learn how to use and RPG Maker. Let's give it a try and then trash it..."
My last famous words... I stopped studying right in the moment when I begun! This game really took my soul.
Trying to avoid spoilers, this is a pokèmon game with more mature content (Violence), that's set in a region destroyed by pollution (Local Villain's Team opera). It's really long to play, and the storyline is well developed, but long.
Anyway, I'm really loving it (Even though, after something like 30h of gameplay I'm still at the third gym -.-). I liked that you could chose a starter from every existing generation. The battles are pretty hard though, every gym leader has six pokèmon, and don't you think of letting your starter grow most powerful than theirs, in fact, here (as well as in the very first pokèmon games, at the moment I can't recall if in the II gen it was just for exchanged pokèmon) you need gym badges to make pokèmon of a certain level to obey you.
For now, I'm liking this version almost as much as Soul Silver (And that says a lot).
If you need further informations, you can find them here.
I'll leave you with some caps of my game.

A bunch of nice locations we have

Passing to most trivia things, you know yesterday was 10/07 (or 07/10, as you like it), that means that was KiseKaga/KagaKise day.
Being my OTP in Kuroko no Basuke, I've waited this day to see some new fanart, and I found some cute ones. But there's one thing that really pleased me
I guess is everything for today. Actually, I'd need to go and do something concrete for my life.

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