30 day favorite male characters challenge: Day 11

Source of the challenge
Favorite male character in a children's show
Tonio Cartonio the Elf from Melevisione (Literally something like Apple-television, in the show there was a TV that broadcast cartoons only if it was given a fruit)
He was the main character, you couldn't spell Melevisione without thinking about his craziness; watching the old episodes at the age of 20, I understood that character was nearly insane. I can affirm this because I've also seen his replacement, that, always being sticked to the part of a elf in a kid's show didn't look that...mad.
Yes, the way Tonio spoke and acted were completely to another level, like he was under the permanent effect of a mushroom he found in that fairy wood of his.
His jokes were so lame that they made even the wolves cry.
I was still at elementary (or maybe the first year of middle school) when I heard the new he was dead due to heroin overdose. That was the fall of a hero.
Some years later (first of high school), one of my mates texted me saying Tonio was back in another program. The whole death for heroin story was a huge bullshit, but according to me, those odd beverages he gave to fairies and wolves hit his neurons badly

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