Poison Gas

I've been doing lots of 30 days challenges lately. Here is just a drabble about a thought that passed through my mind the other day at the beach.
I often referred to fire.type pokèmon being my favorite ones. I think I've always been okay with this because my two favorite pokèmon are Ninetales and Typhlosion. Another thing that made me think like this was the fact that I've always found myself completely unable to deal with starters different from the fire.type ones (with the due exceptions, but still...); for this reason, I always added a fire type pokèmon in my team, even though it wasn't necessary, and, sometimes, this decision turned into a mess, just like Rapidash in Pearl, Flareon in Black II or Camerupt in Emerald. I've come to realize that mine was just a teenage dream whim because the game I developed the most as a kid was Crystal, in which the starter I chose was Cyndaquil, that literally turned in a mass destroying weapon.
The types I have the least affinity with are: Bug, Normal and Grass. Maybe I'm not applying correctly to make it work (most likely).

Lately I've been appreciating the Poison and Ground types a lot. I always chose to have one in my team.
My favorites are so far:Garchomp, Gastrodon, Flygon, Steelix, Stunfisk, Krookodile for the ground type and Drapion, Skunktank, Arbok, Toxicroak, Ariados,Nidoking, Gengar, Garbodor, Muk, Crobat,Weezing, Roserade for the poison ones. Somehow in my team I've always ended having one of those in my team (while sometimes has happened that I had no pokèmon able to learn fly or surf in my team).
Now that I look at my posion-type list...I'm adding always more pokèmon.... maybe I was wrong from the beginning, I'm not a fiery spirit, I'm one who keeps everything inside and who's ready to sting whoever deserves it. Maybe I've always had an inner poison master in me which was late to show.
Jokes aside, no offence intended to the wonderful fire types, I just think that poison pokèmon suits me better, and I didn't realize I liked so many poison-types before. 

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