Fight for what?

Another ranting post.
I know, no one cares about my opinion, but I write this down just in case someone notices.
When I was a damn teenager, I was with those guys named as HATERS. With this, I mean, I was practically attacking every single person who didn't listen to my same music. Right now, I don't care at all about others' opinion. In fact, I don't judge because arts like literature, music, paintings, photography(...), and whatever else is left is enjoyed by people just when, entering in contact with those, emotions spill out.
It doesn't matter if you get moved by a novel or a manga; if your heart beats listening to Madonna or Katy Perry. The emotion is what counts the more.
I know, I wrote several posts on how much I didn't like some books or some singers. That is just my point of view, because maybe the singer doesn't match my emotions.
I'm not blabbering anymore, I'm just stating that fighting over which book is more full of emotions or which singer is more creative it's just useless.

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  1. You're absolutely right that the emotions we get from reading certain books or listening to certain music is all that matters. And the greatest thing about the arts is that there are so many different versions of it that everyone can find something they like. And since passion drives the arts, no one should ever judge someone else's personal tastes. We are all different and we should embrace it. :)