From the oven to the fridge

A long time ago i mentioned I'd been studying in Lithuania for six months, so, here I am. This is the second week here.
How is it going? I can't say for sure. Here nothing is what it seems: yesterday I bought tomato sauce thinking it was red orange juice. Then I recalled that red oranges don't grow in here...
Yesterday I bought milk....I'm not sure if it's rotten or it's just yogurt....
By the way I found some interesting food here....
I came all the way here with the intentions of buying a nintendo 3ds (as many of you will remember...so I can get Pokèmon X & Y when I get back), but I didn't find any....I need to look for it better.
I saw there are several computer games here that are really cheap, like Far Cry (14 litas = 4,8€ = 5,37$ ) or the whole Prince of Persia collection (34 litas = 11€ = 13$). The only problem is that I'm not sure I can chose the language(Well, maybe since they are PC games, during the installation maybe I could select the language. Surely, I'm not buying Pokèmon X & Y here, because we all know how this game works....I can't play in Lithuanian.
I hope in these months I'll learn some Lithuanian, you know, it's fine to add more culture to your baggage.
It's the first time I find myself in a foreign country in which I have problem with communications, since lots of Lithuanian can't speak English. And I can't speak Lithuanian, so sometimes there are problems when I have to buy something and the cashier asks me about stuff I can't understand.
Okay, trivia stuff apart, I guess this is time for me to make you see some locations I visited last week.
Pažaislis Monastery entrance
A graveyard near the Monastery, on our way back from the park

The fountain in Kaunas city center 

The undefeated Lithuania glass art from the Museum of the Ninth Forth
About the last picture above. We had this visit to the Ninth Fort, which was built by the Soviet troops to protect their territory from Nazis attacks. As far as I understood, this was built as a fort, then become a soviet jail and then turned into a German jail, and turned back to a soviet one.
I'm disappointed that I couldn't take photo on the inside.
This tour is my favorite so far, because it allowed me to know historical facts I wasn't aware of. Since I was born in Italy, our situation was completely different, and the three states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were only mentioned as possession or not of the soviet government. No history teacher investigates deeply because it was a reality far from ours.
I'll upload more photos soon. Now I really need to go to eat.

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