Pokè-here Pokè-there

As you know, some days ago, I decided to start a Pokèmon Crossover challenge, I'm still at the first drawing though, but it will be updated soon. Check it here.

Speaking about drawing, on YT I've been seeing a video tag called Draw my life; I'd have loved to do that, but, my life has nothing special, and I'm no one. It would be boring as hell. Moreover, I just have an ordinary camera and my mobile phone is pretty old, so obtaining a good video would be impossible. But, I'd really loved to do this, so, suddenly, an idea bumped into my head:
Since I have lots of headcanons for pokèmon characters, why don't I chose one and make a Draw My Life about it? Surely it would be funnier.
For the video problem, well...I'll just upload the drawings here, and put the story in the description.
It's a great excuse to keep on practicing in drawing, I hope I will become good sometimes.

Always speaking about pokèmon: I finally finished my fanfiction Strong Fighters Wanted. The last chapter is a bit longer than the others, but I hope that everybody enjoys it.
Also, I was thinking that it's been pretty long since I last updated the, now infamous, fanfiction Broken and Fixed, Re-reading it, I realized lots of plot mistakes, so maybe, I will remove it for the moment, organize it  better, and make something better.
I also think that I finally found some good FrUS fic to write. I was talking about this maybe one year ago, I wrote several pages for it, but something in the story didn't work, so I gave up (I thought so), and yesterday, I figured out how maybe things would look better written in another way.
Okay the post is finally over, thank you for reading all my random rants.

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