Random Random about the Fandom part one: Pokèmon

I decided to write something like "A series" on how I ended liking my actual fandoms. I obviously started with the first and most important one, but others are yet to come. 

Surely I've mentioned thousand of times how I entered the world of Pokèmon.
I think I've always loved them since they came out, but the period in which I was completely sunk in the Pokèmon World, was in middle school.
As you can guess, it wasn't the happiest period of m life, I had just few friends, and those, were fake. I think just one could be saved.
I didn't like going to school, so, waking up and leaving home every morning was a hell. Not that staying at home felt better to me. It wasn't a good period at all.
In those days I started playing Pokèmon Crystal; I remember I was all excited because there, I could chose to be a girl.
I choose the name Alexie for the first time. I also remember the reason why: People usually called me Alex, but I didn't like it, maybe I thought it was too mainstream, so, I remembered when me and my brother were watching Kim Possible, and there was an episode with a girl named Alexis.
I didn't want to steal it though, so I just modified the name into Alexie. And that was all.
I remember I chose Cyndquil as a starter (Before I've been playing Pokèmon Gold, in which, my brother used Totodile as a starter) and started my journey.
I was so into the game, that I kept a diary of my adventure. I found some pages while I was cleaning my room before leaving. Nothing special, I just used to write down stuff like "Today I defeated the forth Gym Leader, Hell yea!" or "I went shopping to the Goldenrod department store: Cool!"

I was always thinking about pokèmon, for me, Pokèmon Crystal wasn't just a game anymore. It was my second life. I arrived at the point to considering friends the trainers like Schooler Alan that call you for challenging or giving you items.
I wrote lots of fictions on a Tokyo Mew Mew notebook, fictions that had me and some friends that lived away from me as pokèmon trainers. (I spoke about them in this post).
Unlucky, I can't find those notebooks anymore, I think my mother (or even me) threw them away.
I dind't play with a gameboy, because my parents said that, owning a Play Station was enough for both me and my brother, so, my cousin gave me the emulator for Game Boy color with Pokèmon Roms, and I played with emulator. This didn't allow me to own lots of pokèmon, for example the ones that evolves with the trade (Alakazam, Golem, Haunter, Machamp, Steelix, Scizor, Politoed), and also I couldn't get all the pokèmon that weren't in the game. But I almost completed the pokèdex, let's say that I had, because the only missing were the pokèmon I could have only obtained with the trade.
During school time, I used to wake up one hour earlier just to play Pokèmon.

Everything changed when I entered my high school. I went to study to another city, and no one of my ex-schoolmates were with me. There, I met new friends, and, slowly, I let go of Pokèmon because I was too excited by trying the "real life".
The problem is that I did it in the wrong way, and I often finished by hurting myself. Sometimes I recalled the good days spent in the National Park, making the Bug Contest, but I'd rather not think about it. Actually the convintion that Pokèmon were stupid and for kids. Convinced myself that I was a grown-up girl by wearing tons of black make up, wearing spikes, drinking, smoking and going to concerts of people I didn't even like (Notice: I'm not talking about Avenged Sevenfold or Good Charlotte here).
Useless to say, that I was sad again. I don't know, there was always something missing or going wrong in my life. At a certain point I didn't know who were my friends and who weren't, I fell prisoner of a terrible illness (Some kind of self-harming), that went on for three years.
Things at home weren't the best either, and all I wished, was to leave my town once for all.

The day finally arrived , I finished my High School and signed up for university, moving to another city as well.
Here, my life started to improve bit by bit, I got out from my illness, and made new friends, I re-discovered the pleasure of staying at home.
Here, I started liking pokèmon again.
I remember it was an afternoon, it was October, maybe November, and I said to myself "I'd like to play Crystal once again. I should download it", and so it was, I started playing again, and ended the game in something like four days. For four days, I didn't smoke because I was too concentrate on the game. Yes, I was re-discovering my old love.
After that, I played Pokèmon Ruby, Leaf Green, Pearl, Soul Silver and Black. But this time was different, the game I was playing wasn't the real life for me anymore, it was my imaginary life which I visited with pleasure, to see what was happening. I didn't need to run away from reality anymore, because reality was becoming better as well.
During my university period, I started looking for Pokèmon characters history; browsing among fan pages and official ones, I finally ended up in the world of the fanfictions, discovering pokèmon non-canon shippings for the first time.
I think the very first shipping that I liked were the PreciousMetalshipping and the MasterShipping (Oh gosh, is this even the name for the LancexSilver pairing?).
You know from thing, other things come out, and I started writing fanfictions as well. My very first one that I published on Fanfiction.net was named Entwined Souls, and it was a Neochampionshipping one. (Now I temporarily removed it because it needs to be revised).
I spent lot of my time reading fanfictions and looking for fanarts about pokèmon. Not to mention that I started writing my ones as if there was no tomorrow.
It was quite a long while since I last had this kind of experience.

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