Random Random about the Fandom part three; Hetalia

I discovered Hetalia thanks to Pokèmon.

How? Well, I was reading a fanfiction (Which one I don't remember), and I checked the Author's profile to read more fictons from her. On her/his description page there was something like "Currently in love with Pokèmon and Hetalia". I just sneered at the title. And proceeded to read fanfics about pokèmon.
Something like two weeks later, I was going to leave a review on another Pokèmon fanfiction. I checked if my review was published and found another one under mine, that was more or less like this "Am I wrong or am I seeing Hetalia here?"
It's a shame that I can't remember the title of the fanfiction, because now, I'm not able to verify.
For something like one month, I kept coming across comments about Hetalia. Almost every author I read wrote both for pokèmon and Hetalia. I looked for further information, and  I was like "What the heck is even nice about it?"
Meanwhile I was always more present on tumblr, and some people that I followed occasionally reblogged Hetalia stuff. I read a GerIta fic, I wasn't amazed by it, but I wasn't neither disappointed. But, you know, from a fanfiction, you can't judge if something is worth watching/reading or not.
I remember I was walking around in my city, I stopped in front of the Comic store, and there, on the window, there was Hetalia's second volume. I wanted to buy it, but then, I shook my head, saying "Maybe you're better off without it"
Unluckily, mind and heart didn't share the same thought, so, some days later I was in the shop, buying both Volume 1 and 2.
As soon as I came back home, I literally devoured them, and also my roomie, who isn't really in this stuff liked it.
I think there, the spell had its effect. I started reading fanfictions, and looking through the art collection.
After the discovery of Hetalia, Pokèmon and Gundam Wing were sent on hiatus.
I think I read FrUK and FACE family fics/doujins countless times.
I also wrote I think my longest an most successful fanfiction in the Hetalia fandom. It's the AmeCan fanfiction New Life. I haven't deleted it, but I am currently revising it.
I  also became curious about some countries I'd never thought I could be interested in. Good advertising they're doing.
Unluckily, releases of the manga in Italy are a bit too slow, It's been almost a year sinche the 4th volume was out, and now I'm waiting for the fifth. 

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