Random Random about the Fandom part two: Gundam Wing

After the pleasuring re-discovery of pokèmon, the passion for manga and anime re-appeared. This one being lost even before the Pokèmon one (I think I stopped buying manga/anime related stuff in the second year of high school, because I thought it was for kids...despite I was actually a kid).
I exactly remember how this happened: me and my first year flat-mates were in the kitchen, and we liked to put music from the Disney movies when we were all together. At a certain point, L. Came out with the sentence "Hey girls! Do you remember Saint Seya? How cool was that anime!" and she put the Italian opening on; then we started to look for all the openings from various old anime, when finally the one came out: Gundam Wing.

When I was a kid I absolutely loved Gundam Wing. I spent my Sunday mornings watching it with my brother. I couldn't wait for Duo Maxwell to appear because he made me laugh too much.
The effect of nostalgia that song had on me was beyond words.
Few days later, I was reading the manga, because I didn't have the anime episodes in my computer.
Of course I started looking for information about it as well, of course, I couldn't stay away from the fanfictions and fanarts. I remember I was completely taken by a fanfiction (That I guess I mentioned several times here), called Fly on Broken Wings
My very first OTP was TrowaxQuatre, I also wrote two fics about them.
Right now, I'm not writing lots for the Gundam Wing fandom anymore, but I still like it.
By the way, the Gundam Wing fandom must be remembered because it had a crucial role: The OCs I'm drawing and making their own story of, originally were Gundam Wing OCs. 
I mean, now they're completely different (Ellis just changed in her behavior though, because her look is the same), but they were originally Gundam Wing OCs.
I decided not to use them as OCs, because, you know, my relation with Original Characters in  Fanfictions is not exactly happy.
Also, with Gundam Wing, I started to painstakingly be on tumblr, not in the clinical way though. I think the first EFFYEAH! blogs that I followed were about Gundam Wing.

Always with Gundam Wing, I restarted drawing after something like eight years from my last drawing. I wanted to make my own doujinshi (Even though my skills as an artist are poor). Now I have improved a lot from the first times, but I'm still not perfect.
I remember in the beginning I (tried) copied fan art of Trowa x Quatre, results sometimes were good, but most of the times I was like "Holy shit, what's with this fucker here!"

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