Drawing development

Today I was cleaning my PC memory a bit, and I found some drawings from last year, I thought it would have been nice to compare the old ones with the new pictures.

Beginning of 2012 (I think around February. I don't have the scrap book here, so I can't check.
The very first sketches of Ellis, from when she was still an OC for the Gundam Wing fandom.
This is the Neochampionshipping drawing I did back in 2012 (Always around March or February, I think). It might sound a little discouraging, but I like how Lance came out here. It's the best representation of him I've ever done. Steven here looks fuckin' too young, not like the 27 years old man I imagine -.- I bet this is what can happen if your hand is not trained.
Snap of a comic I did back in Christmas. Pokèmon/Hetalia crossover.
December 2012/January 2013. I can't recall actualluy...what a new...the only one I can bear here is Pidgeot...

Current shipping and Psychic shipping chibi wearing kigurumis, done at some point between the previous and the following drawing(Read: February or March 2013....maybe)
May 2013, some crazy Kuroko no Basuke/Pokèmon/Hetalia crossover.
I was bored, nothing less, nothing more.

First sketches of Leo and Drake. Done at some point in 2013(Maybe May or June)

Ellis, Trent and Leo in what was supposed to be a cover of the first volume, I think the date it's always around June 2013, I don't remember

September 2013. A comic of me and my hometown friends. Badly drawn.
My flat-mate in a detective series AU, done the 22nd of September 2013
The new version of the Neochampionshipping + Prism done, as you can see on the 2nd october 2013
Another caption from my orginal comic, done in October 2013

Daily life comic done in October 2013

Daily life cominc #2 done in November 2013 (BTW, in the comic, that's not the real Lance, it's a cosplay, that explains why he didn't turn out so bad)
Drawing for the 100 days of pokè crossover challenge, Takao in the pokèmon world. Done in November 2013

Another caption of my original comic done this November (2013)

Me and my roomies in the pokèmon AU

That's all folks! If you want to see more (Even if I doubt it, go here)

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