Random Random about the Fandom part five: Kuroko no Basuke

The very first time I came across a Kuroko no Basuke character, was on Tumblr.
Pokèmon Black II had just came out and I was scrolling down the tags of this topic.
At a certain point, I found an image that compared Humilau City Gym Leader Marlon, to Aomine Daiki.

At the time I just scrolled down thinking "Who the fuck is this now?", but I was too excited for Pokèmon Black, and I didn't bother to check. 
Meanwhile, in my Tumblr. dashboard, Kuroko no Basuke post were becoming a little bit more present, but, again, I ignored it. 
It was around March or April, I think, when, during a boring night, I started looking for Kuroko no Basuke images, after that I read some fanfictions, and in the end, I found myself reading the manga and watching the anime (I watched the anime in one night. Easter night to be exact). 
It was kind of a surprise to discover that I actually liked this series a lot. 
When I went to Riminicomix in July and I found many people cosplaying as various characters, I was jumping from left to right. 
I've been waiting the second season forever. 

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