Random Random about the Fandom part four: Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi + Junjou Romantica

Why two fandoms in once?
For three reasons:
  1. They share the author;
  2. One is the following of the other;
  3. The post would be too short.
As you know, Junjou Romantica is the first and Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi is the second. By the way, I watched them the other way round. 
With the arrival of Hetalia, I made tumblr as my second home. And one time, on my dash, a wild gif appeared : 
Luckily, there were tags under the image, so I could easily find  the anime name. 
The problem was that, I couldn't find the complete series subbed, in the beginning, so I just went to read the manga. 
I was worried I took the wrong one, because, as you know, the first case mentioned is the one of Onodera Ritsu; I was about to drop it, but the story was just too fascinating. 
Useless to say that after the manga, I watched the animated series as well. 
Actually, the only pairing I can't see together is Tori and Chaki, seems like Tori forced him a little too much.

After watching the whole series, I could not avoid to watch Junjou Romantica as well.
Actually, I didn't read the whole manga of this, because after the tenth image that didn't load, I snapped and said "Okay, fuck you internet", and then proceeded to watch both the anime series and the OVA, whic I found particularly amusing.

I watched the first season with my friend, and we were laughing a lot at the introduction of Hiroki and Nowaki. I mean, come on! Their meeting is more surreal than Kuroko's vanish drive.
My favorite  character in all the series is Hiroki. Saying that I love the moments in which he gets angry is reductive.

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