Who is the loser?

I've wanted to write this post since forever.
Last summer I went to a small convention. I was checking the photo of the cosplay event on the page. At a certain point under a picture of three girls (Whose dresses were done very well), I read a comment:

These cosplayers make me laugh my ass off. Don't they realize they are losers? 

Or under the picture of a boy dressed like a soldier:

Aha, 40 degrees under a tree, and he wears boots. And look at his shape, he doesn't resemble a professional soldier at all. 

Now, it's okay that everyone's opinion is sacred. No one forces you to like something you don't. 

I don't like the karaoke, and I just avoid going; I don't go into a bar in where there is a karaoke night and start screaming to the people:

You are fucking silly, if you don't know how to sing, learn and then do it. 

Those are just two different ways of having fun. I don't see anything bad about it. 

Honestly, also I sometime think that some people who sing in the karaoke are silly because they are tone deaf, but if they're having a good time, who am I to judge?
Just because someone is doing something you'll never do, it doesn't mean you have to attack him with harsh words.
Also, sometimes (this works at least for me) when we accuse other people to be silly it's because we're seeing us in their shoes, and we're feeling ashamed, while the others don't give a damn, and actually like it.
(If it's not a problem for them, why should it be a problem for you?)

Everybody's right to have fun as they want (as long as they don't arm anybody else) is sacred.

What left me stunned the most, was the hate with which he commented the photos. He commented something like six photos.
Sorry if I ask but, if you hate cosplayers so much, why are you even browsing a gallery with just pictures of them? 

It's as if I look for videos of people singing karaoke. I'm not interested in it, so I don't look for it.

I took this example because, unluckily, internet is full of these people. Some weeks ago, I wrote a post about people attacking each other for music, this is the exact same speech.
Things that were made to make people be together (everyone having his/her own opinion, of course) shouldn't be a reason for arguments and fights.

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