Pokèmon X first impressions: Ups and Downs

Finally here to tell you something about Pokèmon X.
Yes, as a self Christmas present, I bought a Nintendo 2DS with Pokèmon X.

I choose Froakie as a starter, since it was the only one that I liked, and I'm not ashamed of my choice.
You know, usually I'm unlucky with water type starters, but not this time, in fact Greninja is still in my party, despite I already defeated the league.
I'm saying this already with a certain emphasis, since it took me less than Pokèmon Gold to finish.
23 hours and 40 minutes (approximately), versus the 23 hours and 59 minutes of Pokèmon Gold; the only difference between the two is that I played Pokèmon Gold (and II gen games) multiple times, so I perfectly knew what to expect.
Under this aspect, I found Pokèmon X to be really disappointing, actually, after Pokèmon Black II, I expected a more difficult game to come out. I defeated all the gym leaders, as well as the league, at the first attempt, with a percentage of injured Pokèmon  close to zero.
I was expecting the Medal Rally to be present in this game as well, I was disappointed of course.
Another thing that is not missing, but surely could be done better, is the League and Gym Leaders rematch. Now, to obtain a rematch from the Gym Leader/Elite 4/Champion, you have to obtain a certain rank of nobility, but anyway, the opposites Pokèmon level are far too low, not to mention that none of them have six Pokèmon in their party. (Exception made for the champion)

After this good acid shot, it's time to see what I liked in this game.
According to me, having more than just one single rival is a good thing, since you get more money, and experience, even if most of them are annoying as fuck during the storyline.

The amount of Pokèmon to be found, that are usually rare in the other games is great, not to mention that they included monsters from all the previous generations, unlike Pokèmon Black and White, in which you couldn't have access to previous generations Pokèmon before defeating the league for the first time.
I'm pretty happy for finally being able to have a Salamence.

Another great add was the Pokèmon-Amie, finally, and I repeat, finally the occasion to increase Pokèmon's affection directly!
Usually, to increase the affetion of your Pokèmon Towards you, you needed to sweat bullets, while now everything is far more easier, not to mention that it was each trainer's dream to be able to pet, feed and interact with his own Pokèmon directly.
Moreover, in battle your pokèmon will land critcal hits more easily, gain more experience points, avoid attacks and resist to super effective ones.
I love the way they developed it.

Graphic development is wonderful (well, it couldn't be otherwise, being a 3DS game).
I also liked the feature of personalizing yourself as a trainer, even though it could be expensive, but since the league is not a big deal, making money is easier than eating a candy.
I also like the cities development (Even though I got lost in Luminose City multiple times).

Despite missing the Medal Rally, the additions of the missions with Looker is great. Maybe it's because I finally get the chance to join Pokèmon and crime stories, but I think that playing the detective in the Pokèmon world is defiantly an exciting experience. Also because it gives yet another dramatic change to the story (In which you mostly fight for Looker's sake and then, stay back and just watch the events).
This event gets some unexpected and saddy ending. I recommend everybody to try this out.

Today I tried to connect to the GTS, but I needed some upgrades to my console. Unluckily, I was outside and my battery was running low, so I didn't succeed to try the online applications....yet.
I also need to add some people to try the Friend Safari and few other applications.

From this 6th generation, my favorite pokèmon are

My first level 100 so far.
Talonflame is the double type Fire/Flying (Like Moltres), it's one of the fastest pokèmon I have ever had, with the base speed being 126 that reaches 231-386 at lv. 100.

Talonflame is the fastest fire type pokèmon as well as the fastest pokèmonn in gen VI.
Its attack stat is not bad, but it lacks in both special defense and defenze, with the first being 128-260 at lv, 100, with a base of 69, and the other 132-265 al lev. 100 with a base of 71.
Actually, if you teach it Acrobatics you will have no problem, since the base physical attack state is 81 and reaches values of 150-287 at level 100. Plus, if your pokèmon holds no item, the power of the move rises up to 110, seen the speed of the pokèmon, you will have no troubles in battle, moreover, if the pokèmon holds a flying gem, the move's power is doubled and can also strike the close opponents in a multiple battle (Not the Rotation one).
The double type Fire Flying, reduced the super-effective moves against it.
Being a flying type, the usually super-effective ground moves, that creates problems with the fire,  now are not effective at all, because ground type moves don't affect flying types.
The fire type made the usually super effective ice type moves become just a normal damage, the weakness of flying due to ice, was substituted ny rock though.
This leads us to the three weaknesses of this pokèmon that are: Rock, Electric and Water.
Sources of the informations above here and here.

Double type Water/Dark (Like Titoruga, Carracosta and Crawdaunt).  It is the last form of the starter Froakie.
Its speed is not bad, the base being 122 that reaches values of 224-377 at level 100, what is useful in this pokèmon is the Special Attack and Attack stats, the first has a base of 103 and it could reach up to 189-335; the second has a base stat of 91 and it can grow up to 175-317.
The high Special Attack value is the best for a move like Surf to be fatal. Despite the power of this move was lowered by 5 points (from 95 to 90), it still is one of the most annoying moves to be used against types weak to water.
The main problem of this pokèmon is the low defense value which ahs a base of 67, it is a problem because, being a darkn type, Greninja is also weak to Fighting , in which the most of the moves are physical, and this could be a problem. But again, with the high speed and special attack values, unless your opponent has an excellent Special Defense, you have good possibilities to win. If not to be certain.
Another handicap this pokèmon has, is de to his double type. As you know if on one hand a double type could lead to a killer pokèmon, on the other it can kill it.
I mean,  the problem is that the duo Water/Dark, has lots of weaknesses, these being: Fairy, Fighting, Electric, Grass and Bug.
Even though it is resistant and normally damaged by the same numbers of types, reducing the weaknesses could be useful, since as you all know, there are some pokèmon which type is one your pokèmon is resistant to, that can learn super effective moves (Ex. Crobat can learn bite, so it can be super-effective against some psychic type pokèmon).
Information for this paragraph here and here.

It is the final form of Tyrunt,  that has to be revived from the Jaw Fossil.

It is a double type Rock/Dragon.
On the contrasry of the previous two, this Pokèmon's speed stat is not very good. It has a base state of 71 that reaches values of 132-265 at level 100.
If the speed its not brilliant, the Special stat is worse: it has a bse stat of 59 in Special Defense and of 69 in Special attack.
Despite this makes him look like a shitty pokèmon, the physical stats are completely in his favor: the base defense is 119 and the base attack is 121, which reach values at level 100 of 218-370 and 222-375, respectively.
The lack in special defense can be "healed" with a X-Special Defense (There is a reason why such items were done).
As for Greninja, the double type is not advantageous for this pokèmon, since his weaknesses are a cool bunch, he's weak to: Fairy, Dragon, Fighting, Ice, Steel and Ground; it has no immunity and the resistances are less than the weaknesses, being the pokèmon just resistant to: Electric, Fire, Normal, Flying and Poison.
This still makes it a good pokèmon. Despite his speed stats are low, it's not so slow, and it still has huge possibilities to strike first and leave an unpleasant mark on the foe.
Information for this paragraph foud here.

I guess it is all for now, I will update the infpormation with another article as soon as I gather more information on this new game. 

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