Favorite Pokèmon meme: Water

Let's start with one of the most popular kinds of Pokèmon.
I guess that almost no one can make without a water type in their party. Isn't it? 
Well, I am one of those, despite, as you now know far too well, I'm unlucky with water starters, but whatever. 
Here's the list of my favorite water types 

How not to begin with this cute Pokèmon?
I started loving Psyduck since the anime came out for the first time. What I liked about it at that time, was that it looked dumb, but unexpectedly, it can turn into a deadly powerful monster. 
I remember Misty always freaking out with it. 
I frequently used it in the games as well, of course I arrived at the league with its evolved form, Golduck. 
What I appreciated more about this Pokèmon is that it can learn powerful psychic moves (ex. Zen Headbutt), yet not having psychic as its secondary type. This means that bug, dark, ghost and fairy moves, are not super effective on it.
You can just guess on DPP games how cool it was for me, when there was that flock of Psyduck blocking the road to Celestic Town, on the north of Solaceon Town
Seaking of numbers, this pokèmon gives its best in Special Attack, but has a lack in Special Defense, I reccomend you to harm with XSpecial Defenses if you plan to use Psyduck 

Vaporeon camouflaging with water
In some post, I spoke about my favorite Eeveelutions, and Vaporeon occupied...if I'm not messing it up, the third or forth place. I didn't use it so often, just in Black II, it was my first level 100, but in the other games, sometimes, I just made it evolve to complete the pokèdex.
What I like about this pokèmon is that its cells composition is very similar to water, this allows him to camouflage itself whenever it's swimming.
This Pokèmon's defense is pretty low, being 112-240 at level 100.
Its Speed and Attack stats are not so great either, being at level 100, 121-151.
Those lacks can be fulfilled with its Special Attack state which is 202-350 at level 100, and also the Special Defense which is 175-317.
For me this Pokèmon was pretty hard to control in the beginning, since you know, I'm used to fast Pokèmon, and being its speed stats this low, if the foe used a physical attack, and was just a little bit faster, Vaporeon fainted right away.

Totodile Artwork
Also for this pokèmon, I don't have a lot to say, since my favorite Generation II starter is the fire-type Cyndaquil.
I only used it once in Pokèmon Gold, but I have to admit that this is my favorite water-type starter so far (even Froakie is cute, but, the addition of dark type to his final form adds some weaknesses Feraligatr doesn't have).
One reason why I love him, comes from the anime. I remember it being lively and very funny to watch. Always messing up somewhere, while Cyndaquil always tried to escape (How to blame it) and Chikorita was super-affective and always trying to cuddle with Ash.
Its base stats are not bad for being a starter Pokèmon. Base Attack and Defense are 65 and 64, respectively. They will only increase during its further evolutions.

This is the second form of the VI Generation starter Froakie.
I like this Pokèmon in all its three forms, having the Special Attack and Speed stats very high. 
Out of the three forms, Frogadier is the one I like the most for its appearance: the bubble scarf, the sclera that resemble glasses....it just misses a pipe and it's a perfect classy man.
Unlike its further evolution, Frogadier hasn't acquired the Dark-type yet. This allows him to have less weaknesses (Only Grass and Electricity) than Greninja (which adds weaknesses against Fairy, Bug and Fighting).
I think that I will breed my Greninja and stop it at the Frogardier form. Maybe I'll do a team with incomplete evolutions.

I wasn't sure whether to put it in the Water or Poison session, in the end I decided to count the primary type, which, in the case of Tentacruel and almost all the following ones, is water.
I know, maybe this is one of the most annoying Pokèmon in all the games, it's like a Golbat or Raticate of the sea. 
In the beginning, I hated it with all my forces, until I played Platinum, and was in need for a water type. This level 49 Tentacruel appeared to me and I can't just let it go.
Let me say that, the last time I played Diamond, its ability, Liquid Ooze, was very useful to contrast Medicham's Draining Punch.
Despite the low base defense stat(65),  its base Speed and, especially, Special Defense stats are pretty high. (100 base Speed and 120 Special Defense).
Tentacruel doesn't need to know strange moves to drive the opponent insane. My favorite move set for this Pokèmon was: Surf, Poison Jab, Screech and Toxic Spikes.


West Sea Gastrodon and East Sea Gastrodon
Not the fastest Pokèmon in the world, but I think Gastrodon deserves a place in this chart as well.
I used it in Pokèmon Platinum, and I think it has one of the finest designs in all series. 
Apart that I like when the same Pokèmon has different patterns according to its origins.
In Gastrodon (As well as the previous evolution being Shellos), there are two patterns: The one from the West Sea, being pink and brown, and the one of the East Sea, being blue and green.
Some shapes change in them as well (The West Sea one, has like horns on its head, while the East Sea one's are more like ears; the East Sea one has like a long spike on its back, while the other has none, just some protuberances along, what could be supposed to be, its "spine).
I owned a West Sea Gastrodon, but my favorite version is the one from the East Sea.

I saved the best for last.
Who has been reading my blog for a long time, surely knows that Suicune is my favorite legendary Pokèmon. 
When I played pokèmon Crystal, I liked to imagine that Suicune and Typhlosion often argued to have my attention. What a poor kid I was.
Suicune was created by Ho-Oh as the rain to stop the fire in the Brass Tower. Suicune can walk across the water and purify them with just one touch.
Also the design of this pokèmon leaves me with my mouth open, it's gracious and elegant, unlike Entei and Raikou that look more fierce.

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