Favorite Pokèmon meme: Fire

Seems like I'm moving fast...it has to be like this, I haven't been paying attention to this blog for too long now!

Why of all the three forms of this starter I've chosen the middle one?
Well, as I repeated several times, I actually watched the first season of the anime, and Charmeleon was among my favorites. Since when it evolved from Charmander, it became some kind of an asshole, who didn't give a damn during the battle, until it got pissed.
I also like its design, I think among the three is the funniest one. Not as cute as Charmander, not as Badass as Charizard.

This little guy here was one of my favorite in my childhood.
When Vulpix comes to life, it has just one tail, and later the other five ones come out.
I used it few times, what bothers me the most is that this apparently little and innocent guy can learn Will-o-Wisp, which turns out to be really annoying.
I liked Vulpix in the anime, despite being such a cute little creature, it could become seriously dangerous in a match.

Since I love horse riding, there's no way I could leave this Pokèmon out.
Actually, I didn't rewally like it in my Pearl team (I caught it because there was no other fire type in the game, and my starter was Turtwig). I don't know, it missed most of the attacks and was too freaking slow.
So, why is it even here? 
Well, either Blaine and Flint have a Rapidash in their team, this is the exact formula to ruin my mental sanity during the battle. Flint's Rapidash knows bounce, and doesn't matter if you just used a paralyze-heal, it will freaking paralyze your poor little Pokèmon once again!
Not only this, it is told that Flint's Rapidash HP are infinite. Hydro Pump or Blizzard it's just the same, there's no way you could succeed a one-hit-KO. Or a K.O., for what's worth.
The reason why, this horse Pokèmon, deserves a place in the chart of my favorite fire types is that it actually is a good Pokèmon, I just wasn't able to use its abilities at his best. (Pokèmon trainer fail!)

I can't not mention my favorite final form of a starter ever. Anyone who read a couple of post in this blog, surely knows how much I love Typhlosion. It's not only a question of strength, it's literally a strong love feeling between me and this creature.
Poetry aside, its base speed of 100 and Sp. Atk of 109 is enough to classify this Pokèmon among my favorite ones. Once it learns the move Flamethrower and Lava Plume, the game for you enemies is over.
In Pokèmon Reborn, I succeeded to defeat Serra with no peculiar problems thanks to my Typhlosion and its Lava Plume attack (I only pity the poor Flygon who's fallen during the battle, I'm kinda sorry dude).
Some of you know how hard is for me to keep a starter Pokèmon in my team until the league comes, well with Typhlosion there has never been such a problem, not only I keep it until the league, but also after. It's not a chance this pokèmon was my first lv.100 ever.

From starter to starter, let's jump to one more generation, here we meet the first double-type of this section.
Let me say that I'm not a great fan of the RSE games, I mean, they are not really my favorites.
When the III generation came out, I couldn't say I was exactly satisfied. Also right now, I like more pokèmon from the II and IV generation, rather than the III. Well, Blaziken (Along with its previous evolutions, Combusken and Torchic) is not one of them. It was my first III generation starter Pokèmn, and also now, I keep choosing it in my team.
Its Attack and Special Attack values are great, this Pokèmon looses a little in Speed, with the Special Defense and Defense is even worse, so this Pokèmon needs a bit more caution than Typhlosion. In this case, moving later, not only could mean being beaten up, but also being knocked down.
Let me clarify this: I'm not crazy for monkeys, actually I don't like them, so I'm not actually in love with ape-shaped pokèmon.
Despite all of my prejudices, though, I am firmly convinced that this Pokèmon deserves a place in my favorite ones.
Along with Gliscor, Bronzong, Drapion and Garchomp, it is one of the hardest Pokèmon to defeat in Sinnoh league. This pokèmon not only is fast (We're talking about a base Speed stat. of 108), but it also has Special Attack and Attack stats at star limits (104 and 104).
I guess I shouldn't mention the fact that this Pokèmon can learn moves such as Thunderpunch, which could be fatal for trainers who hope that having either a water or flying type will be helpful. Nope, nothing like this. Okay, it could actually be helpful, but it's not 100% effective.
For how much I hate admitting it, this kind of ape, that, according to my tastes, can't be stared at for more than three seconds; it's actually an excellent Pokèmon, and despite its aspect, it deserves a place on my favorites list.
I guess this is one of the few VI gen pokèmon to appear in this chart, but it deserves it all.
I already wrote about its stats in the post about Pokèmon X.
Not only this Pokèmon is incredibly fast and has generally good stats (Despite Defense and Special Defense), I also like the design, I mean, come on I couldn't ask for more in the new generation games.

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