Favorite Pokèmon meme: Grass

Another post in less than a week? Wow, this is kind of a record.
As you can understand from the title, the second Pokèmon type I am going to talk about is the Grass type.

I loved all the three starters from Generation II, and I couldn't leave Meganium out of my chart.
Having started with Cyndaquil, I completely ignored how Chikorita's final form looked like. (While, on the other hand, I had the chance to see all the three evolutions of Totodile).
When I first saw this Pokèmon, I was amazed. According to me, Meganium is one of the Pokèmon with the best design ever. 
I always looked at it as an half way between a fairy and a dinosaur.
Honeslty, I can't quite say if I like to use it or not, because every time I started a game with it, I quit after Whitney (And, fuck you and your Rollout attack, my Bayleef restisted!)

Beautiful. Nothing to say about this. 
Another eeveelution enters my post. I don't know if I mentioned it in my eeveelution chart, some months ago. I am not sure, because I based myself on the eeveelutions I used to fight the league in Pokèmon Black II.
Since the Moss Stone in this game is available just after defeating the league, I didn't really have the occasion to properly test it.
Now it's at level 100, and let me say, I like it more than Vaporeon. 
Despite its Special Attack and Special Defense's base stats are pretty low, its Attack, Defense and Speed ones are high (110, 130, 95).
I daresay it's pretty hard for a Pokèmon having such these stats.
I also love the design of this Pokèmon (Actually, I like all the eeveelution designs. Always so accurate).

When Generation III came out, I loved Roselia at once. Its character design is perfect (actually a little bit
better than Roserade). When I played Pearl for the first time, I discovered Roserade.
With this Pokèmon there was a love-hate relationship: I cursed like hell while trying to defeat Garfdenia, but once I got it in my team, I wasn't so upset anymore.
It is kind the opposite of Leafeon, while before we saw an high Attack and Defense stat, in this case it is the opposite.
Teaching my Roserade the move Grass-Knot, with that speed of its, was a super effective move against Bertha. (Speaking of Diamond and Pearl. In platinum there's a fcking Gliscor to take care of).

My very first starter in Pokèmon in the DPP series. Even though in the beginning I was fought whether to choose Piplup or him, in the end I decided for the second. Let me tell you it was the best decision I've ever had.
Its dual type Grass/Ground, guaranteed me immunity and effectiveness against Bertha's damn sandstorms.
Despite this pokèmon is not the fastest on the battleground, its high defense came in handy.
Of course, in Platinum it was a bit difficult to defeat Bertha due to her fuckin' Gliscor; this doesn't change the greatness of this Pokèmon.
Not only Torterra is one of my favorite Grass type Pokèmon, but also my favorite starter of the IV generation.

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