Let's get digital

On the eve of Kuroko no Basuke #8, I write this post.
I had problems with the internet key, I don't know if I already mentioned this.
By the way, my brother lent me his graphic tablet and I finally started making some digital drawings.
I'm not able to draw with that yes, thus I am coloring some hand drawings to practice.
I don't have Photoshop, so I'm using the old and good Paint.
My first digital drawing is this kind of a chibi Kise. This is the only one I did on Photoshop, because I was at home and my brother has it.

After that, I colored on paint a cute Mukkun
The last drawing is a colored version of my OC Ellis, I think I already posted the original somewhere, but here's the digital colored version:

Today I knew about that Google maps and Pokèmon thing. Unfortunately, I don't own a smartphone, so, I guess I'll have to be happy by roaming Kalos.
P.S. I'm working on the "Favorite Pokèmon" series, so don't worry, a new post is coming soon!

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