Favorite Pokèmon meme: Poison

Here it comes! My favorite Pokèmon type!

In a post about poison types, I can't leave this Pokèmon out. Apart that I love Cobra snakes in general, but this guy here could be pretty annoying if trained as god wishes. I think nobody here was immune to his Glare attack. I literally hated it, it kept on paralyzing all my Pokèmon.
I used this monster for quite a long time in Pokèmon Reborn, it actually grew more than Typhlosion who was my starter. Actually is not one of the easiest pokèmon to use, I'll admit it, but is a pokèmon thta if you know how to use it may not be unstoppable, but can become pretty annoying.
I dare you to say you weren't the least annoyed by Koga's Muk using the damn Minimize attack.
At the rematch in Pokèmon SoulSilver, among Acid Armor and Minimize, it took me something like an hour to defeat it.
Despite I don't use this Pokèmon a lot, it's one of the most annoying Pokèmon out there, this makes it deserve a place in my favorite's chart.
For Seviper, it goes the same speech as Arbok. Excellent design, it makes it one of my favorite of the III generation. Glare and Poison sting, I don't think I need to add anything else.

When Pokèmon first came out, and there were only 151, Nidoking was my favorite Pokèmon, the one and only. It was cool, and scary, and strong. Not to mention how annoying it could be if it has the Poison Point ability.
What penalizes it a little is the dual type Poison-Ground which gives it more weaknesses than resistances, but anyway it's one of the favorites.

Confuse Ray, Toxic and Double Team. Tell me this isn't one of the most annoying Pokèmon in the World! Several times I kept it in my team with these moves, it may not be a great attacker, but when your enemy is poisoned, confused and you evasiveness is at its maximum, this Pokèmon becomes hard to attack, and if it faints, it leaves a good ground for the following.

Dual type Poison-Dark, it can learn Flamethrower, so don't even think to be safe by just using a Steel type.
I used this Pokèmon just once against Lucian's Bronzong, okay, I actually messed it up, but there was an enormous level gap an that bastard knew Earthquake, thus I was disadvantaged. But again, give this Pokèmon to your enemy, and you're fucking ruined. 

I don't know from where the dual type Poison-Dark comes out, but it was a great idea, Ground types be damned, Drapion can learn Ice-Fang.
Psychic types? Come at me bro!
What? Gardevoir is Fairy now? No problem, some Poison attack and it's done.
I think I said it one hundred times, but with Drapion was love at first sight. It all started when I was playing Pokèmon Pearl, I had been out of the Pokèmon world for a while, so this IV generation was a complete new to me. When I first saw it, I tried to burn it up with Fire, I was sure it was a Bug type, but nothing, just a scratch. I tried it out with Water, Flying, Ice and all the other possible attacks (except from Ground, since I didn't have a Ground type Pokèmon in my team): nothing. And when I tried to hit it with Psychic moves...surprise: It didn't have any effect.
After that discover, Drapion is a standard member in almost all my teams (as you maybe noticed). Fast, effective with a wide range of  moves to learn, what else to add? It's the perfect Pokèmon!
I started loving Toxicroak pretty late in my life, it was thanks to Pokèmon Black II. I fell in love when I discovered the extreme power of its Poison Jab. no one is immune: no fucking one (damn you Steel types!). Unlike Drapion and Skuntank, the dual type Poison-Fighting gives it more weaknesses, and it brings the effectiveness of Psychic type moves up to 4x. But with a base stat. Attack of 106, do you really wanna talk about it?

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