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There are times in which you need to be considered a dork. I've been through this lot of times. Have you ever been determined to buy something without knowing you will regret it five seconds later? I think yes. Everybody chose an ice-cream just for the name, and then discovers that it tastes like a dead parrot left in a bathroom stall for three weeks.
Here's another piece for my wall of shame, a list of how (sometimes with good intentions) I wasted my money to ruin my stomach.
*Spoiler alert: The following paragraphs may contain spoilers from books/comics/movies/anime* 

Gundam - Ecole du Ciél 
Being a fan of Gundam Wing, when I saw this title in the comic shop, I had no doubt in buying the first number (strange case for me to find the first number at the first shot). I gladly gave my 4,50€ to the comic man and went home all happy for this.
Oh, yes, I was happy, until I started reading it. I should have stopped from the first pages, but I'm a masochist inside and decided to go deep down, and also buy the second number, hoping for an improvement.
The story is settled in a kind of military academy, where the students learn how to move Mobile Suits. The main character is a girl called Asuna, who is the daughter of some huge general of some sort. The girl is completely hopeless at everything. All she's able to do is chit-chatting with her best friend about her boobs. Her self-esteem level is as high as a Pokèmon Egg's base stats, she thinks she could not achieve anything to the point that she's almost scared to try (No, not afraid, I really mean scared).
Out of the blue, the prince charming appears saying stuff like "I have faith in you" (despite they have ever barely talked), this is enough to make the poor thing try harder on her soldier role, just to gain a bit of his attention.
Basically the plot of every American teenage movie, but girls here drive huge robots instead of performing acrobatics tricks in a cheerleader suit.
However, her dark past and the semi-mysterious identity of her father pushed me to keep on reading until the second volume. How stupid of me, I shut the book closed as soon as I saw someone playing volleyball in the Mobile Suits field.
I'm not here to curse, because I'd become very rude, but I swear I never damned myself so much in my entire life.

"Never judge a book by his cover" never a sentence suited better.
I've been watching this comic book for a while, eventually I decided to buy it just to kill some time in train. Time killed me.
I think I've never been more stupid. Of fucking course, this manga took my attention because the guy on the cover looked like Murasakibara. I thought, "Well, maybe it's not so bad, I can decide to buy others as well".
No! At first sight, it reminded me of a strange supernatural story. I was in a hurry, and I took it.
The worst part is that I read it all. If I took my €4,40 and flushed them down the toilet, well they'd be better used.
What's better than a group of people playing tennis followed by some insane kids trying to snatch a picture of the student council's president's undies?  (Which are also horrible, to my opinion)
Everything is okay, but usually I'm not disposed to spend money to read this stuff.

Towards Zero
I love Agatha Christie, I think I miss just few books of hers to read.
Despite the fact that I would have been reading this title anyway, I expected something more like Ten little Indians, while it was just old version of Twilight (Nothing to say to this last one, it's just that's not the story you expect from Agatha Christie).
If there's something I love about this writer, is the aura of mystery she succeed to create each time, and in every single book the end is completely unexpected but yet, everything is connected from the beginning. In this case, is as if the epilogue was written just to end the book. 
Ok, is linked back and everything, but it's nothing surprising, the character and the victim have actually never interacted, and they even fall in love!
....And they'll live happily ever after...
I liked the story, but the end ruined it all.

I've been hearing of this anime for so long that I couldn't avoid watching it.
Actually, it's not rotten, I somehow liked it, especially in the beginning: killer wasps that make people old and dead in few seconds: brilliant!
An utopia city, and the ones who dare question it are killed or closed into a facility: nice.
People who live outside the wall are killed in mass every now and then: cool.
Unluckily, these shades in the anime are completely covered by Shion's ability to make you go nuts, he makes Sakurai(*) look like a fierce dog (Ok, the comparison is not completely right, but I couldn't find one better).
Always crying and clinging at someone's sleeve. He makes five people worry for him, and two of them are also in love with him. When in the end someone finally decides to shot him dead, Elyurias comes and brings him back to life.
My question is: WHY? 
If he needed to be by my side, he wouldn't last a second, yes, I would become a killer with no problems and no regrets.
Maybe the animated transposition was bad succeeded, but I was a little disappointed by this story. I found myself screaming at the screen multiple times for Shion to move.
(*) Too Gauken shooting guard from Kuroko no Basuke

I know I already spoke about this eyesore of a movie in the past, but writing a post about wasted time without even mentioning it, it makes no sense.
The idea of the animated teddy bear that is best friend with a human forever is nice, unluckily it was literally developed as a shit. A movie made purely for money, just put the name Peter Griffin on it and the success is guaranteed.
I didn't laugh for the entire movie length, the jokes were insignificant and had the effect of a continuous What the fuck. 
It's okay that recycling makes the world cleaner, but keeping on using the same jokes over and over again after a while it's irritating. Nothing new from a Scary Movie or Epic Movie.
Scary movie was funny just because it was the first one to use this kind of comedy, now people are tired.
Again, I knew I should have used that 3€ for a pizza or a burger.

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