Favorite Pokèmon meme: Dark

Let’s just start by saying that Dark isn’t one of my favorite Pokèmon types.
Most of the Pokèmon I owned under this category, were purely chosen by their second type.
I’m afraid the list will be really short.

It surely makes an exception.
When I was younger I used to love Fire type Pokèmon a lot, and when the second generation came out, this beauty could not go unobserved by me.
In almost all the GSC games, as well as Pokèmon Platinum, it was a former member of my team (The one to enter the Hall of Fame).
Houndoom is a pretty fast Pokèmon (A characteristic that I love, and you should know better that I tend to use fast Pokèmon the most), this gives it a bonus score on my preferences.
Plus the fact that it is a double type Dark – Fire, surely plays a crucial role in my choices.
In Pokèmon X, it has both Dark Pulse and Nasty Plot in the move set, this makes it a pretty strong Pokèmon. It’s greater weakness stays in the defense stat, which is pretty low, thus it can make the use of Nasty Plot difficult.
By the way, I had problems in defeating Karen’s one in HG/SS, every time I played the game.
It’s not only about the statistics, Houndoom’s  character drawing is one of my favorite of all the Pokèmon, which is always important.

I have never used it actually. I’m putting this in the list just because it is pretty badass when it’s owned by and opponent.

I have all the intentions to put it in the team, but for now, I can’t give any further judge.

Yes, my Favorite Dark list ends here. 

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