Riminicomix convention: Fried Murasakibara is served!

Just got back from Riminicomix, a convention held in a city close to mine.
I did my first (almost) decent cosplay, as Murasakibara Atsushi (Kuroko no Basuke), with the Teiko uniform.
Despite the desert temperature, I admit I had fun.
I met a girl dressed as Murasakibara as well, but with the Yosen uniform, she was in a big group, they were all very well done.
Unluckily, this year my photographer friend wasn’t with me, so we didn’t take so many pictures.
Despite being the very first day, in the middle of the week, there were lots of cosplayers, I was surprised.
After “Read more” there are the ups and downs about my day.
The past and the future... wow! Look at my shit face!

There were several Free! cosplays (Policeman! Rin) included; tons of Kuroko and Aomine, and I also had a glance of a girl dressed as Aida Riko.
This year I see no one cosplaying any Durarara!! character, and most of all, there wasn’t anyone in Lance’s clothes (So sad and disappointing).
And I was the one complaining about the temperature!
I really enjoyed a boy cosplaying as Red from Pokèmon Special, who had a Charmander statue which tail had real fire. I don’t know where he took that, but I want one soon!
There were several Pokèmon characters as well, I saw May and Brendon, Red, Misty, N, Touko, Rosa, Nurse Joy, the bug catcher and Dawn.
You see the Charmander down there? Yes, it's the one
with the real fire tail!
There were also Gijinkas  (Eeveelutions, eeveelutions everywhere!).
Apart from the girl dressed as Murasakibara and her crowd, I was stopped by Jesus and a couple more people (A boy hugged me like I was, I don’t know, a God?).
I failed most of the poses, I still have a lot to learn. Plus, my ball had a hole somewhere, and had the consistence of polymer clay.
My wig was too long, and, since I’m not able to decently cut it, I had to tie it.
Of course, along the way to the con, there were the usual idiots that made stupid jokes, I didn’t answer because I’m not a psychiatric doctor and I can’t cure people with brain problems.

There was quite a choice in the stands, there was Japanese food, hamburgers and associated, sweets, and whatever you wanted. Prices weren’t bad.
We made just one terrible mistake: I wanted a milkshake so bad, and we went to an ice-cream shop nearby, I ordered a Peach milkshake, but it tasted like grape and melon, and it was completely white with some seeds inside. I think the girl just mistook my order with another one.
My friend was too shy to ask for a picture,
I had to make up

I saved money just for this day, and I bought lots of funny stuff.
In the beginning, I looked for some Drapion doll, but seems that poison type Pokèmon aren’t a popular choice and I couldn’t find any (Apart from Gengar, but I already had it). I didn’t find anything with Lance or Sabrina, but this is the life.
I was disappointed for the comics, I didn’t find Durarara!! the third number, Afterschool Nightmare #1 and Judge #4 and 5 (But I grabbed the #6).
Anyway I bought a cute chibi!Murasakibara and a Combee doll from the same stand, the guy was very polite and funny, they gave me two comics as a bonus, I was so lucky they gave me Saber Marionette J #9, that I was missing.
Later I found a nice shiny Charizard doll.
If I had more money, I’d surely bought both Murasakibara and Link’s action figures.
These are the prizes I got 

Other things that caught my attention were the Pokèmon hoodies (I didn’t buy them because I lost sight of the stand selling them, and it was getting late, I had four hungry friends waiting for me outside.
There was a stand selling Play Station One videogames, if my playstation was still working, I think I’d emptied that stand as well.

This is all about my stay at the Riminicomix, I know it’s short, but I hope you enjoyed it. I think I will attend another comicon at the end of August, I don’t know yet. 

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