Favorite Pokèmon meme: Ghost

Flash post after the exam

Here we are talking about memories.
Back in the old days, Misdreavus was a regular in my team. I used him mostly to go catch Raikou and Entei in Pokèmon Crystal (Thanks to his Mean Look).
You couldn’t even imagine how happy I was when I discovered it had an evolution.
Later in my Pokèmon Diamond game,  I added him as a regular as well.
Actually, I don’t think it is exactly a perfect Pokèmon. It has its deficits, but everything to be summed up, it’s not that bad.

What can I say? Nothing.
Actually, I have never owned a Gengar, but I remember it to be a cool Pokèmon, both in the anime and games.
Every single time an enemy has Gengar in their party, my knees shiver. It’s true. (Aya’s Gengar on Reborn surely wasn’t an exception!). I really hope to have one in my team one day.
Not to mention its second type is poison.

The first time I saw this pokèmon, was against Cynthia in Pokèmon Pearl(Pokèmon Pearl was a pretty good
source of discoveries for me).  Before the fairy advent, Spiritomb, along with Sableye was one of the pokèmon weak to nothing. Give me a reason why not to love it.
I have it in my party, even though I haven’t completely observed it yet, but I guess it will be a great add to my team.

I was unsure whether to put this Pokèmon in here or not.  Surely it was one of my favorite 5th generation Pokèmon, according to the design, and defeating Shade’s one was a pain in the ass, but I tried to train different Litwick in various games, and I always gave up before it evolved into Lampent.

 I think this is one of those Pokèmon.

Images taken here.

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