Deadly combos

Flash post today.
As you may notice I added a drop-down menu (After the word Amen was said). It took me pretty much work, but I'm happy how it turned out.
I still have to ultimate the editing, but I'm positive I'll do this one day.
I'm just back from three days in Bologna. I risked death at least two times. Just a quick reminder for anyone who wants to visit the city:
1) Never try to cross the road when the trafic light marks orange;
2)Don't ever try the texting-walking combo, especially along the main streets.
I paid my usual visit to Alessandro Distribuzioni and bought Death Sweeper #2 and 3(much for the sake of my wallet).
My souvenirs
Yesterday there was a kind of fair in the city center. I found a very old comic that I used to read in elementary-early middle school times named W.I.T.C.H.
As always, I'm happy with my findings.
I'm going to be home for the next three days, I will write an article on my comic book collection.
Meantime, I'm working on another Pokèmon fangame reviews, maybe you'll find something new very soon.
And that's all for now folks.

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