2014's upsies

Happy new year guys!
Since year it’s almost over I had the (not so original) idea to share my 2014 favorites with you.  Actually, I’ll just list some things I watched, read and played this whole year long.

As predictable, I would have started with this topic. This section is going to contain mainly Pokèmon related games, since these were the ones I played the most.

Pokèmon Reborn
If you want to read the review, click here.
As you have might squinted, I developed kind of a clinical obsession with this game, every chapter becomes more difficult and succeeds to keep my interest alive and my gamer’s side craving for more.
I surely will play this game for all 2015 as well. My biggest compliments to the creators.
If you want to try it, here’s the link to the wiki.

Your Digital Dream
I posted a review of this game some days ago.
Your Digital Dream's interface
As you might squint from the title, this fangame’s subject isn’t Pokèmon (even though it is developed using Pokèmon Essentials) but Digimon.
Keep all your hate aside, I happen to actually like Digimon (I enjoyed the Digimon anime more than the Pokèmon one), after watching the anime I found this demo out and I really wanted to play it.
It’s true that it is short, but I assure you it is really worth it: once I started playing, I couldn’t cut it off.
 I hope I could be able to see more of it in the upcoming year.
See the wiki page here.

Pokèmon Godra
If you want to read the review on this topic, go here.
This game is still a beta version, so here goes the same speech of above.
In the beginning I didn’t have much of an expectation out of it but once I started playing it for good, I just couldn’t stop.
See the wiki page here.

Pokèmon X
Moving from fangames to the official ones, I have to say that Pokèmon X was actually the most played official game in my Nintendo.
I also wrote a review some times ago, you can find it here.

Pokèmon Soul Silver
I know this game is not actually recent, but it is the second game I’ve been spending lot of time with during this whole year.
I don’t know if I ever mentioned this is my favorite Pokèmon game…

Of course I’ve been reading as well.

Nemesis by Agatha Christie
As some of you may know,
Miss Marple, say hi!
I am a great fan of Agatha Christie, and when I found a new edition of this book in a shop I couldn’t leave it there. Maybe it wasn’t the best reading experience I’ve ever had, but it was completely worth it, even though I found out the culprit before the end, and that kind of made me sad.
I also found out that in this book there are some characters coming from a previous one called Miss Marple at the Caribbean, that I haven't read, an now I spoiled a good part of it. 
Good job Pilos, good, perfect job. 

Judge by Yoshiki Tonogai
I was still abroad when this manga came out, actually judging the book from his cover on the internet, I bought and read it all (waiting for press times of course). I can't exactly define it as brilliant but it surely was enjoyable, I like stories of people kept closed inside a structure with no way out that slowly start to get mad and kill one another (*coff* And there were none *coff*). I found it a little immature but yet it was worth reading.

Kuroko’s Basket by Fujimaki Tadaoshi
I’ve actually been reading this for longer than just one year. I think everyone around here knows my obsession with this manga and I’ll keep reading it until it ends (if it ever will, I read there would be a sequel. Poor money of mine!).

Death Sweeper by Kitagawa Shou
Death Sweeper's 3rd vol. cover
I’ve heard about this manga a long time ago, but I actually never succeeded to find it. This year I completed my mission of getting the whole five volumes and read them all, I couldn't spend my money better (they are not really cheap). I like the way this manga shows death ad it is. I recommend people with a good stomach to read it, since death and decomposition scenes are very detailed.

Durarara!! Saika Hen by Narita Ryhogo and Satorigi Akiyo
This is the second published comic adaptation of the light novel. I already watched the anime and read all the first arc comics.
This arc is made up of just three volumes, I know I couldn’t classify it as the most read, but since I finished it during the year I guess it counts.

The anime list will be shorter than the manga one as I am more a reader than a watcher (I didn’t mention some comics above because I don’t own all the volumes of the saga and I think it’s pretty useless to give an opinion on something you haven’t finished or you haven’t been following regularly).

Kuroko’s Basket Season II
Being my favorite anime, I couldn’t leave it out. I watched the entire season as it came out. I loved this season because my two favorite teams and characters are involved: Yosen and Kirisaki Dai Chi. It’s thanks to this second season that I started to really appreciate Hanamyia Makoto: he represents kind of the perfect enemy according to my tastes.
I am Hana-kun and I'm creepy

Attack on Titan
When everybody talks about something in the end some curiosity must come out, that’s exactly what happened with this series. In the first episode I thought it was a little boring and I was about to quit it. Thanks to my persistence, I didn’t and it was the best decision I could have ever made. I’m trying to collect all the manga books as well.

Digimon Adventures I and II
I can’t say when exactly I became so nostalgic that I wanted to watch those two pillars of my childhood again. I didn’t remember this anime being so touching in some scenes, I actually cried form most of the show. Now I remember why I spent my whole time watching TV when I was in elementary school.
Die, you sinner suckers!
The manga is still coming out here, the second volume is out today, so I didn’t put it on the category above.
By the way I watched the whole anime series and found it extremely hilarious. In some cases I came to think that it is even better than Kuroko’s Basket. Again, this anime exceeded my expectations and I was very satisfied with it. It’s not excessively heavy and it owns the right times, not to mention that it contains the right amount of irony in it that is always appreciable.

TV series

Law and Order Special Victims Unit
I can’t tell you how much I loved this series. Despite it has the L&O mark on it, the themes it touches are completely different.
L&O SVU is about the Sexual Crimes Unit, in every single episode there is some strange human case, literally. It goes from religion fanatics to spoiled kids that do some disgusting stuff to old women.
There aren’t explicit sex scenes, since the show often deals with people such as pedophiles. However the content are so accurate that they allow you to reflect upon these subjects, I swear, whenever I heard a pedophile confessing, I couldn’t do otherwise than feel a strange need to puke. It gives you the right idea of how disgusting some kind of people are.

Waking the Dead
"Waking the Dead"'s opening caption
Another crime series on my wall.This series reminded me of Cold Case because the stories are centered around unsolved crimes. The difference is that they mostly deal with criminals that after a long break are back in action. Sometimes they have to do with imitators.

One plot takes two episodes to develop the themes touched are always different, from terrorism to psychotic killers. The presence of an expert criminologist makes everything more interesting. It feels “almost” like a crossover among Criminal Minds and Cold Case.
Despite the several plots are pretty long, they usually don’t bother the viewer’s attention. I really suggest this TV series to the ones who haven’t watched it yet.

The Bing Bang Theory
Despite I’ve been knowing this series for as long as it started being broadcasted here, I actually started watching it just lately.

In the beginning it looked like a sit-com as just the others, but it I found it actually insanely funny. I love Howard’s sarcasm and Sheldon’s reactions to it.

Amrican Horror Story – The Haunted House
Me and my roomies wanted to see a TV series all together, and we opted for this one. I wouldn’t actually put it inside my favorites, since I am convinced that this show (at least this first season) loses its suspense episode by episode. Almost at the end, exaggerated screams and impossible runaways towards the kitchen become nothing more than boring and bothering. Taken this apart, I think it is actually a nice series.

White collar
I was almost forgetting it! 
This series was firstly broadcast here a few years ago, but I started watching it just recently. 
I enjoyed how all the characters are well developed along the plot (something that in most crime series rarely happens) staring from their behavior to their relationships. 

I can’t actually remember how many movies I saw this year (I watched to so few that I keep getting confused among 2014 and 2013), thus, I’m going to put the sure ones down.

Harry Potter Saga
Yes, I watched the whole saga, movie by movie. The problem is that I stopped at the second chapter in my youth. I have to admit that I actually like this movie series.

I found out that aging has its effects on me as well. Most of the music that comes out by now doesn’t suit my interests. I find most of the songs boring and redundant, with the due exceptions of course.
I still haven’t bought any of the new albums my favorite artists have been producing, but I still can make a kind of a list with the sings and tunes I’ve been playing longer.

China Town by Caparezza
As you know, he is my favorite Italian artist and in this song he talks about his “relationship” with the ink, showing how many kilometers an open mind can travel with just a pen.
The title per se is a metaphor, in Italian this is pretty evident by the pronunciation but it’s not the same in English.  “China” in Italian means “Indian Ink” and not actually China.

Counting stars by One Republic
Despite the fact that MTV almost lead me to hate this song since it was presented at least two times every frigging hour, this song was one of my favorite that came out this year and that I actually listened the most to.

One Woman Army by Porcelain Black
I have a certain attraction for this singer, I love her voice and style, and this song was one of my most listened this year (together with Swallow my bullet and Pretty little psycho).

Benzin by Rammstein
For the ones of you who are not aware, I wanted to try learning German, and what’s the best way to learn how to speak if not by listening it directly? There’s something about this song that pushes me to click on the repeat button over and over.

Johto Game Corner Remix by GlitchxCity
See her YT channel here.
As you know she’s my favorite tune composer. This isn’t the only one I’ve been listening continuously, but sure is one my favorite from this past year.

I guess this is almost all for what it concerns my 2014’s favorites.

What were yours?

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