When a mix of obsessions turns into one

What started like a childish whim, came out to be a real and proper obsession.
I’m talking about my new Original Characters.
Everything started with me discovering my passion for Digimon once again. That’s when the idea bumped into my mind, some characters appeared in my brain and then this happened.
Venia&Icarus (Took from my dA account)

I am not sure about the title yet, I thought about Pokè-Soldiers or something of the like. The characters can acquire unique powers thanks to a special as well as mysterious Pokewalker they received by mail.
Every single character represents one Pokèmon type power.

 The high school student Sigmund just moved to a small city called River Tree from Los Angeles. He believed he could finally get the quite life he had always wanted, but his days were going to be everything but quiet.
After a walk around in the new city, he noticed his Ralts on the Pokèwalker was gone. One week later, a strange looking Pokewalker comes by mail, and his Ralts appears again. Assuming it was  a promotional gift from one of the multiple video gaming sites he was signed up to, he didn’t give it much attention.
Soon enough, he found himself in a rather dangerous situation, when a flock of women with purple snake tails surrounded him, ready to shoot poisonous darts at him.
Wishing it was all a nightmare, Sigmund was resigning to a hideous death; when the monsters were ready to bite him, a kind of a metal spire pierced one of them straight in the chest, making the monster disappear.
At his shoulder a mysterious looking warrior appeared, he looked like a metal band singer with parts of his body partially covered in what looked like steel. The warrior attacked the flock of snake-looking women, ordering Sigmund to push the middle button on his Pokewalker. At once, Sigmund felt his body fulfilling with a strong energy. It’s question of a moment and he found himself in a new form: his legs were gone, replaced by what looked like a genius’ tail, his upper clothes changed as well.
The look wasn’t the only weird thing changed in him, soon enough, he found himself able to use an attack called Confusion.
Once the enemies were destroyed, he learnt that that event was just the starting point of a long and dangerous adventure. 

Some days later at school, Sigmund sees the mysterious warrior who saved him in the streets, the basketball player Aurum.
In a private conversation, Aurum answers all the questions he had been having since their first encounter.

A long time ago, both human and Pokèmon lived on the same planet, however they didn’t get along at all. There were constant fights among the two fractions. The ones surprised to have any kind of relationship with the opposite fraction was brutally killed.
That’s why eight humans, who had bonded with Pokèmon were forced to ran away and live hidden from both the sides.
Being tired of the constant fights and deaths, those escapers sacrificed themselves trying (and failing) to stop both the human and Pokèmon leaders.
Their gesture didn’t go unnoticed at Arceus’ sight, who decided to prize their courage giving them life again. The power of those humans and their fellow Pokèmon fused together to create the Eight Wonder Warriors. Armed of a total new power, these soldiers fought against the dark forces that were drawing the hate.
The war finally ended, and the Warriors decided to separate human and Pokèmon, fearing that those dark forces would rise once again. After the separation was done, the Eight Wonder Warriors disappeared.

Aurum tells Sigmund that the dark forces found a way to open the portal once closed by the Warriors, and that now it’s their duty to avoid the collision of the two worlds again. The Pokèmon come to the world assuming human or common object’s shape.  The special Pokewalkers they were given is a kind of a small portal by which they can send the evil Pokèmon back to their world.
It turns out that while Aurum was powered with the steel type, Sigmund’s ability was due to the psychic forces inside his Pokèwalker.
Aurum also announced him that there were more soldiers like them to come.
Later on, Venia and Icarus (Poison and Flying powers) join their team followed by Pixie and her little sister Pitch (Fairy and Dark power).
The guys undergo though battles, under the physical and psychological profiles. They will often find themselves forced to make difficult choices, death included.

And was the plot, more or less. I tried to keep that short to avoid too much spoiling, and also because I am still not sure about certain elements.

With his 190cm of height, Aurum is the ace player of the school basketball team. What penalizes him is the continuous urge he has to start any kind of fight.
Aurum has an aggressive personality, and likes to mock whoever is shorter than him. He doesn’t like having friends, and with his temper,  he never had one until he met with Sigmund and the others.
However, his exaggerate pride and will to prevail on the others, will often penalize him not only in school, but during the fights as well.
Despite all these problems, Aurum is a though and strong willed person, and he’s even sensitive towards the ones who he consider close enough to be friends. This quality often helped sticking the group together when they were about to part.
He’s the Steel power holder, provided to him by the Mawile he has in his Pokèwalker.

The quietest member of the group. Sigmund likes to stay in quiet places reading comics and books.
He had always been quite scared of making new friendships because the other kids usually mocked him.
Sigmund is easy scared, and has a great fear for failures, both as an ordinary human kid and a soldier.
Whenever he doesn’t see his efforts repaid, he gets down and goes moody.
He is the most thoughtful of the group, he knows how to weight the decisions properly in order to choose the best move and get advantaged.
He’s the Psychic power holder, the power was given by the Ralts he has in his Pokèwalker.

The most easy-going person in the whole world. Whatever looks like a serious problem to the other, it’s just a joke for him. He takes everything too lightly, he can’t judge the gravity of a situation until he finds himself into it. He often makes the wrong decisions, but he’s good at taking himself out of trouble without hurting.
He’s best friend with Venia, the two are like brother and sister.
The Chatot he has in his Pokewalker gives him the Flying power.

A short tempered, snaked tongue girl. She’s extremely competitive and argues with anybody who hurts her friends or family. She also hates the ones who take their physical structure as a sign of dominance towards the others, that’s the cause of many fights among her and Aurum. While she makes friends quite easy, it took her quite a long time to get used to Aurum and the other way round.
She displays affection towards insults, the more she seems to hate you, the more she likes you.
She has a strong bond with Icarus, his childhood friend and it’s his shoulder, she often supports him and guides him to the right path.
Her has the power of Poison, given by the Muk in her Pokewalker.

A sweet girl who loves drawing, she’s the author of three popular comics and she’s Sigmund favorite young author. She is devoted to her younger sister, especially after their parents got divorced.
She has a completely positive vision of life and she’s horrified by brutal behaviors. Sometimes this good attitude make her forgive the ones who doesn’t deserve it.
She’s the group moral supporter, Icarus nominated her “The official crew ray of light”.
She has Fairy type powers thanks to her Floette in the Pokègear.

Pixie’s little sister as well as the youngest soldier of the crew. Pitch is still a middle school student.
Despite her young age, she’s determined and strong willed, she’s not so easy to impress. She’s also very brave, maybe the most confronted to the other member and taking her young age into account. She has a deep trust in her fighter mates and sometimes decides to help them even though she knows their decisions might be risky.
Thanks to her Absol in the Pokègear she was given the Dark type power.

Beyond the story: personal comments and reasons.
You might be confused. The originality content in this story is as much as the sugar content in pure salt.
I took inspiration by several comics, games and animated series:
-Pokèmon: of course I wanted to add Pokèmon in the story, because I liked the idea that my pokègear might be something more than a simple electronic device;
-Digimon: I took several elements from the Digimon animated series, such as the DNA digivolution, and the Pokègear seems to have the same function of the digivices;
-Kuroko’s basket: Both Icarus and Aurum play basketball together, useless to say why I choose this;
-Marvel animated series and comics: I’ve been watching and reading several stuff regarding Marvel superheroes right now, I’ve always liked them ,so I guess I take some inspiration from this as well.
The design and the story beyond Pixie takes inspiration from an emerging Italian manga author that I’ve been following for a long time. Somehow she helps me keeping my hopes up, she’s such a sweet person.
The reason why I’m adding this paragraph is to explain what drove me into the creation.

 Is this ever going to be an official story?
 I don’t think so: too much plague like elements.
Why are you doing this then?
There’s another project I’ve been working on for some time, I use this idea I get to test my abilities and improve my drawing technique as well as story-making skills.

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