Semi-Hiatus and to do list

Lately I wasn't able to post so much, this is all thank you to my new job and side business at the weekends.
I quit working on my comic for the moment, since there's a comic convention close to here that's coming up on the first days of May, I'm working on a new cosplay costume. There's not so much to work on, but since I suck at sewing it is taking me a bunch of time.

I started reviewing another Pokèmon fangame, but after playing it, I discovered there was almost nothing to review about .
Now I have another pending game to review, but it has something like four different playable characters to choose and according to your choice,  the storyline changes, so it will take me some time to write about it.

Since I started writing, I'll mention what I've been up to during my spare free time.
I recently discovered the world of Instagram (yes, the poisonous net caught me) and I post almost regularly, so if you want, you can check my profile out here.

Recently I wanted to expand my knowledge about the comics world, starting with one of the most popular brand existing on the planet. I am talking about Marvel comics.
I bought a couple of comics for my brother's birthday and I ended up reading them. I have to admit that I'm still a beginner, whenever I go look for some comics I never know what to choose. I also feel a bit uneasy about asking to the shop owner because I feel (and I am) a complete ignorant on the subject. 
If any of you have some suggestions on which titles from I should look for, any particular number, please feel free to suggest, I'm open to any kind of new advice.
As for now, I've been focusing on Wolverine.
I also bought some Deadpool numbers, and I'm enjoying it a lot.
Some of my latest findings

Going around comics shops, I am aware on how ignorant I am on the subject.Ignorance is ugly, but it can be defeated. That's exactly what I'm trying to do.
My major limit, as for now, is money. I am sorry but I've got to take it slow, I can't afford to waste all my money on comics for now.
But in my limits I'm doing the best that I can.
I made some kind of a reading plan to complete what I am missing.
In this kind of utopia as for now there are the following titles:
1) Slam Dunk - A manga that I buy regularly, as many of you know, is Kuroko no Basket. Surfing the net and looking through forums, I read tons of comments on the subject about Slam Dunk affectionate readers that destroy Kuroko no Basket. What's my opinion on that? Since I haven't read Slam Dunk yet I'm not sure about, but all this matter moved my curiosity into reading that title. I already collected some numbers, I'm starting to read it as soon as I collected a decent amount of numbers (Also because I just own the numbers 26, 27 and 28... It's not so logic to start with that);
2)GTO - Another must read for me. Not only is really popular but I read and watched several positive reviews on this series. Again, I will start reading it once I'll actually have something to read about it.
3)Attack on Titan - I already read the first and second volumes, but I think it's not enough.

These are the only three I have in plan for now, I'm still looking for other information on other titles.
As for what I'm actually reading, I am thinking on dropping Tokyo Ghoul. I'm not really sure about it, but it doesn't reflect my expectations. Besides, it's pretty expensive. I think I'm going to watch the anime and leave the manga for some other occasion.

By the way, lately I've been watching some anime and I finished four of them:
One of my favorite characters in K-Project
1)Barakamon - I saw some posts on tumblr regarding this anime, and I was curious about it. In the first episode I almost wanted to drop it, but I hung on and there was no regretting about it. The story is nice and I liked the atmosphere the author created. There's some fanservice every now and then but it's bearable;
2)K-Project - When I first started it, I really didn't know what to expect, not that I know any about this now that I watched it. The plot is intricate and, as far as I know, there's a printed prequel but it's still not available in here. The story is catchy, I enjoyed it a lot. I can't wait for the sequel;
3) Free - Eternal Summer : The only reason why I watched this anime was because I already saw the first season. My thoughts about it? It only gets decent towards the end. I don't know if I'm going to watch the OVA that's coming up.
4)Kuroshitsuji - I read several reviews on how the anime destroyed this manga, but I don't own all the volumes, so I thought about giving it a chance. It wasn't very bad actually, especially the ending. I think I'm going to watch the second season and keep on reading the manga as well.

I also succeeded to complete Doubt and if you want my opinion, don't read the final: it's a nonsense mess, without any human logic. Save your time and money for something else.

I guess that's everything I've got to say for today. I wanted to post something about the comic I'm currently working on, but I decided not to because there are huge black holes for me as well.
I'll leave you with this collage showing Venia in different forms. I wish you a good Sunday.

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